Apply Dubai Tourist Visa Online

Apply Dubai Tourist Visa Online

Dubai Tourist Visa: Government of United Arab Emirates provide 3 types of visa with 2 entry types.

Dubai Visa types:

  1. 14 Days Dubai Tourist Visa: 14 Days Dubai tourist visa also call 14 Days Dubai Service Visa. This visa is useful for business purpose, Conference’s, Meetings in Dubai. In Simple words you can say it’s a short-term Dubai Visa. You can use this visa once a time, means it’s a single-entry visa.
  2. 30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa, This visa having two types of entry, A. Single Entry Tourist Visa, B. Multiple Entry Tourist Visa. If you choose Single Entry Tourist visa then you can stay in Dubai maximum 30 days in Dubai, Once you exit from country this visa will not valid more, but if you choose 30 Days Tourist multiple entry Visa then you can consume all 30 days with single entry or you can use multiple times in out in the country, but kindly note you can stay maximum 30 days in UAE, and days count will start from the first time you enter in the country.
  3. 90 Days Dubai Tourist Visa: this visa also called 3 months tourist visa. This is the largest duration tourist visa for Dubai. As per market trend this visa mostly used by family members, jobseekers or business purpose but there is no  limit for what purpose applied for visa. It’s a tourist visa you can use it a tourist entry no matter what you attend conference, business setup for family gathering.  This Dubai visa also having two types of entry, a. Single Entry, b. Multiple Entry.

What should I know before applying Dubai Tourist visa?

  1. You should decide how many days you will stay in Dubai?
  2. Do you want visit Dubai frequently?
  3. What is your purpose of visit to Dubai?

If you stay in between 1 to 14 days then you should apply 14 days Dubai Tourist Visa.

If you want to stay in between 1 to 30 days then you should apply for 30 days Dubai Tourist visa.

If you want to stay in between 1 to 90 days then you should apply for 90 days Dubai Tourist visa.

But again, you have to keep in mind, do you want single entry or multiple entry.

Purpose does not matter, but you should keep in mind, because at the time you will enter in the country, that time emigration officer can ask your purpose of visit.

All three Dubai visa types having similar documents requirements before visa apply. Dubai visa document requirement list:

  1. A clear passport size photograph
  2. Copy of Passport first page. Note: Indian passport holder also required last page of passport.  

Dubai visa fee: Visa fee also depends on what visa type you want to apply.

  • 14 Days Dubai visa fee is $189
  • 30 days Dubai visa (Single Entry) fee is $199
  • 30 days Dubai visa (Multiple Entry) fee is $199
  • 90 days Dubai visa (Single Entry) fee is $199
  • 90 days Dubai visa (Multiple Entry) fee is $199

Visa Processing Time: as per UAE Government its standard time is 24-72 working hours, but in case of emergency you can apply visa in urgent, of course this is additional chargeable. But you can get visa within 8-16 hours.

Visa approval and rejection sole rights of UAE Immigration department. We are official sponsor of UAE Government for visa processing.

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