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Countries Eligible for Online United Kingdom (UK) Visa
United Kingdom (UK) Travel Guide

The United Kingdom has a long and fascinating past, and history can be found at every turn, with old castles dotting the countryside and colleges with a history dating back to the Middle Ages. The ancient roman sites and centuries-old Royal Palaces are still in use. The UK is more than just its history and vibrant cities.

There are significant cultural institutions and fun things to see and do. At the heart of the UK lies its capital city London. This is home to the Royal family and Parliament. The historic sites and monuments are what attract a majority of tourists. The primary tourist spots include – Big Ben, Parliament Building, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Westminister Abbey, and the Tower of London.

The UK has wonky medieval towns and stately homes among other soft homes. United Kingdom visit visa helps you live up to its fantasies of green valleys and rugby singalongs. You will discover a nation with the community spirit of the best parts of Scandanavia. No wonder there are some parts of the UK that are closer to Scandinavia. It is only by touring the country as a whole that you can grasp what the country has on offer.

London is the nation’s melting pot with icons such as St. Paul’s cathedral, Big Ben, and Westminister Abbey for starters. Other English landmarks include – Windsor Castle, Oxford, Stonehenge, Bath’s Regency streets, and ancient Roman spas.

Things to Do in United Kingdom (UK)
The perfect deal for an adventure through an actual United Kingdom visit visa is through tours, wine tastings, hot-air balloon rides, water sports, spa experiences, arts and crafts, skydiving, and more. There are experiences for the discerning traveler as you travel the length of the Great West Way with friends and loved ones in the tourist season. All the below activities, attractions, and adventures can be booked online, which makes it easy to plan the perfect getaway.
Bristol Packet Boat Trips

You can enjoy harbour tours, schedule river trips with Bristol Packet Boat Trips with public timetabled trips, and get a private hire available. You can charter any of our boats for a private event or celebration on Bristol’s Floating Harbour and rural stretches of the Avon. Whatever the weather or the occasion their beautiful and distinctive boats will make your private event an experience to remember.

Windsor Duck Tour

Exploring Windsor through a duck can help you enjoy a 1 hour live guided tour by road and river. This unique adventure begins in the heart of Windsor, which helps in taking the famous sights before SPLASHDOWN into the river Thames. There is no better way to see Windsor glowing in the sunlight. You can enjoy the famous sights and listen to the entertaining live commentary to learn facts about the stories of this town.

Windsor Carriages

These tours are much more than a carriage ride. It brings a unique perspective to the Great Park by sharing the knowledge, stories, and events that will be passed down through the generations of coachmen and shared with guests of Windsor Carriages. Windsor Carriages has unique guided tours and carriage rides at Windsor Castle. This includes the Long Walk and the Great Park.

Bluestone Vineyards

The signature vineyard walk & wine tasting is an in-depth and enjoyable experience with our wine and vineyard experts. You will be guided through our vineyards, and you can enjoy a tasting of a selection of vines. Bluestone is a specialist producer of traditional sparkling wines which leads the way in the English Sparkling Wine ‘grower’ movement. Bluestone is open to exploring vineyards. Sample the award-winning vine with a selection of tours.

UK Figures and Facts
UK Figures and Facts
Name: United Kingdom
Area: 243,610 sq. km
Location: North Western coast of mainland Europe
Population: 6,72,00,000
Time: GMT +1
National Day: Not official
Capital: London
Currency: Pound Sterling
Major cities: London, Birmingham, Leeds
Main Airline: British Airways
Language: English
International Airport: London Heathrow Airport, Manchester Airport, London Gatwick Airport
About the United Kingdom and my avenues to explore the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom does not seem very united, essentially divided into four countries. This historic state appeals to visitors, from pulsing cities to stunning countryside. England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland are ideal destinations in their own right. Travels between these countries reveal both the shared culture and distinct local flavors that contribute to the UK. Apply United Kingdom visa to visit this destination for many because of its beautiful countryside, historic sites, top-notch museums, outstanding theatres, and vibrant nightlife.


A London trip must be part of your plan while traveling to the UK. This national capital has plenty of attractions, beautiful resorts, and hotels to make you comfortable. If you want to learn more about this beautiful country, you must visit the Tower of London, which is beside the Tower Bridge on the banks of the River Thames. This former palace and prison include highlights including a 1000-year-old white tower and fantastic displays of armor and weaponry. The Jewel House is home to the Crown Jewels.


Edinburgh is one of Scotland's most attractive cities, it is one of the UK's most visited destinations. It is famous for many well-preserved historical buildings. Edinburgh is best-known as the home of the majestic Edinburgh Castle. It is perched high up in the rocky promontory. Also worth seeing are the Scottish National War Memorial and the famous Stone of Destiny. It is easy to explore the other most important historic sites from the castle, most notably the Old Town's Royal Mile.

Roman-Era Bath

It is supposedly one of the UK's smaller cities, but Bath makes up for its diminutive size with many things to do. Named after the famous Roman Baths, this beautiful city has been luring travelers for its healing waters for more than 2,000 years. The hot springs consist of 43 different minerals, which have curative properties. While it is impossible to bathe in the original Roman Baths, several nearby spas have the superb Thermae Bath Spa. The guests have a chance to enjoy the city's famous waters.

Ancient Stonehenge and medieval Salisbury

This is the planet's oldest World Heritage site; Stonehenge has been a place of pilgrimage for more than 4,500 years. It was believed to have been erected as a place of worship. The crowds consist of tourists drawn by the sheer scale of this magnificent monument to humanity's ingenuity. This gives you a fascinating glimpse of the construction of Stonehenge. Plan and purchase a timed ticket for your visit by applying for United Kingdom Visa.

Royal Windsor

The historic town of Windsor is conveniently located a short train ride to the west of London. It offers plenty of fun things to do for tourists. In addition to its lovely Thames-side setting, there are many-medieval half-timbered buildings and quintessentially old cobblestone laneways. It is also home to the spectacular Windsor Castle, the most famous of the UK's royal castles. This grand old castle has served as the summer residence of British royalty. The highlights include the splendid State Apartments, which contain the Queen Gallery and dining hall.

Types of United Kingdom (UK) Visa

Very few places on the phase of the planet portray the vivid scenery, history, and culture of the United Kingdom. Apply United Kingdom visa to enter this busy and eccentric destination with unique personalities. It is a land with bustling cities like – London, Glasgow, and Manchester. The UK is made of four component nations giving it a multi-layered outlook.

  • Business – Sticker Visa (Single Entry): This visa comes with a validity that depends on immigration/embassy. It comes with a processing time of 15 working days, and the visa fees amount to $241.
  • Family visit – Sticker Visa (Single entry): This visa comes with a validity that depends on immigration/embassy. This visa has a processing time of 15 working days, and the fees amount to $241.
  • Tourist – Sticker Visa (Single Entry): This visa has a validity that depends on the immigration/embassy. It comes with a processing time of 15 days and a visa fee of $241.

These visa types are recommended for visitors who plan on a short stay in the UK (Holiday trips or tours).

Documents required

Paperwork is the key element that plays a critical role when an applicant applies for a UK visa. The pre-requisites to apply for the United Kingdom visit visa:

  • Colored photographs
  • A passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the date of arrival.
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UK Visa Rules

The United Kingdom online visa rules are the most critical pieces of legislation that make up the immigration laws. The rules are updated regularly, and the set immigration rules can make all the changes. The rules are divided into many documents.

  1. It will be ideal if you apply for a UK visa at least three months before your scheduled departure date.
  2. The United Kingdom visa comes in 3 different types with both single entries with stay validity that depends on Immigration/Embassy.
  3. It comes with a Business sticker visa (Single entry) and a family visit – Sticker visa (Single entry). There is also a Tourist – Sticker visa (Single entry).
  4. The processing time for all these types of visas is usually 15 working days.
  5. You should confirm which visa category best suits you based on the visa category. Numerous types of visas are available to visit the United Kingdom.
  6. Each United Kingdom visa type requires different documentation, so you need to check the visa type carefully. Depending on the purpose of your travel, the UK Embassy or Consulate grants a visa for a limited period.
  7. If you are applying for a visa on behalf of your family or other relatives, you will also need their detailed documents.
  8. The typical documents required are – A passport with a minimum validity of 6 months, financial proof, bank statement, income tax returns, or any business proof. You will also require to produce the certificate of employment, and a leave letter from the company, with itinerary details.
  9. You should carry the receipt issued by the visa application center and your original ID while collecting your documents.
Frequently Asked Questions
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The application for a United Kingdom sticker visa must be made online, and one can apply for a visit visa with a validity that depends on Immigration/Embassy. The key allows for multiple visits to the UK within the period of reality unless the ticket is endorsed as a single or dual entry. If it is a multiple entry visa, you still cannot remain in the UK as a visitor for more than six months on an individual visit.

There are different reasons for people to apply for a UK visa. The United Kingdom has an organized permit based on the visitor's purpose under multiple visa types.

The UK visa types are Work Visa, Business Visa, Study Visa, Visitor Visa, Family Visa, Settlement Visa, and Transit Visa.

There are some standard United Kingdom visit visa requirements to apply that every applicant needs to use. The required documents vary depending on the visa type and the applicant's nationality.

You should at least apply for a United Kingdom visa online at least three months before the date of your intended trip here. The processing of your visa application might take a while, so you can apply in advance and give enough time to the consulate to process your visa.

You first need to check if you need a United Kingdom visit visa to the UK, and you need to produce the required documents. Applications for UK visas can be submitted online. To submit a visa application, you need to access Insta Global Visa and fill out the correct application form on the website. You can then proceed with making secure payments using our trusted gateway.

UK Visa Covid-19 Update

Those who wish to apply for a United Kingdom visa online might have to undergo certain travel restrictions. You should be able to access Visa and immigration services as these are considered essential public services. You should follow the current Covid-19 protocol while traveling to the UK.

  1. While traveling to the UK, you do not need a complete passenger locator form before you travel.
  2. You do not need to take any Covid-19 tests before traveling or arriving.
  3. If you are granted 'exceptional assurance,' it will act as short-term protection against any adverse action or consequences after your leave has expired.
  4. If conditions allow you to work, study or rent accommodation, you may continue to do so during the period of your 'exceptional assurance'.
  5. Exceptional assurance' does not grant you leave. It is a means to protect those unable to leave the UK due to COVID-19 restrictions and not to facilitate travel other than to return home.

Insta Global Visa is a top-rated visa service provider eager to help those seeking United Kingdom visas online. Apply for United Kingdom Visa by reaching us through 24×7 chat options or email us at The UK has Europe's scenery, history, and culture. This nation is a busy, eccentric, and unique destination. The UK tends to have more heritage per square mile than any other nation.