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Travel Guide

Uganda is a landlocked country sharing its borders with several countries, including South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. An Uganda visa is the key to experiencing the diverse landscape, rich wildlife, and vibrant culture.

Uganda boasts of remarkable wildlife and national parks. Home to mountain gorillas, they are found in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Some prominent reserves providing thrilling safari experiences include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, and Kidepo Valley National Park.

Uganda is also known for its stunning natural beauty, including the breathtaking Lake Victoria, the second-largest freshwater lake in the world and the largest lake in Africa. The Rwenzori Mountains, also called the "Mountains of the Moon," offer adventurous trekking opportunities and majestic scenery. The Murchison Falls, another famous natural wonder is where the River Nile passes through a narrow gorge, creating a dramatic waterfall.

Uganda's cultural diversity is a defining aspect of the country. With more than 40 different ethnic groups, each with its language, traditions, and customs, Uganda offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences. The Buganda Kingdom, with its cultural heritage and royal traditions, holds significant influence in the country. Experience unique traditional dances and cultural performances with an Uganda online visa. For a hassle-free Uganda visa, choose Insta Global Visa.

Things to Do in

From the towering peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains to the vast savannahs of the Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda offers a unique and unforgettable travel experience.

Wildlife Safari In Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls National Park offers incredible views of the Nile River, cascading waterfalls, and a diverse array of wildlife to admire. Take a boat ride through it to see the falls up close. The sight of the water crashing down from above is truly awe-inspiring, and you'll feel the mist on your face as you take in the stunning scenery. Home to various animals, go on a guided walking safari for a closer look.

Hike Through The Rwenzori Mountains

These mountains offer some of Uganda's most challenging and rewarding hikes, with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. They are famous for their glaciers and high peaks, including the third-highest peak in Africa, Mount Stanley. The hiking trails in the Rwenzori Mountains are challenging but offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including lush vegetation, waterfalls, and unique wildlife.

Zipline Through Mabira Forest

This rainforest is ideal for hikes and walks. The Mabira Forest Canopy Super Skyway ensures your safety so that you can enjoy the 78m diagonal zip. Surrounded by lush greenery, it has abundant wildlife species, including red-tailed monkeys, African fish eagles, palm nut vultures, great blue turacos, and much more. Witness the mesmerizing River Musamya and enjoy Griffin Falls while on your way back.

Canoe at Lake Bunyonyi

For a relaxing getaway, visit this lake to hear exciting stories of the various islands. This is the perfect place to rejuvenate, away from the bustling city. The serenity of the lake is enough to take your breath away. The beauty of the surrounding hills and islands is simply unmatched. It's like a piece of paradise right in the heart of Uganda. Whether you want to go kayaking, swimming, or just take a boat ride, Lake Bunyonyi has something for everyone.

Laos Facts and Figures
Uganda Facts and Figures
Name : The Republic of Uganda
Location: East Africa
Time : UTC+3
Capital : Kampala
Major cities : Entebbe, Jinja, Mbarara, Gulu
Language : English, Swahili
Area : 241,038 square kilometers
Population : 46 million
National day : October 9th
Currency : Ugandan shilling (UGX)
Main Airline: Uganda Airlines
International Airports: Entebbe International Airport, Gulu Airport, Arua Airport
About Uganda and My Avenues to Exploring Uganda
The country is home to over 10 national parks and reserves, providing sanctuary to various animals, including iconic African elephants, lions, giraffes, and rare mountain gorillas. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is renowned for its gorilla trekking experiences, allowing visitors to interact with these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

The capital city of Uganda is Kampala, a vibrant and bustling city that showcases a mix of traditional and modern influences. It is known for its lively markets, colorful street vendors, and bustling nightlife. Kampala also houses several historical and cultural sites, such as the Kasubi Tombs, the Uganda Museum, and the Namirembe Cathedral.


Entebbe, often called the "Gateway to Uganda," is a vibrant city known for its serene atmosphere and picturesque setting. Entebbe is the country's main international airport and a popular destination for travelers. The city offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural attractions, with pristine beaches, lush gardens, and various wildlife. Explore the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre or take a boat trip to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. The Entebbe Botanical Gardens showcase a diverse range of plant species, while the Entebbe Golf Club provides opportunities for leisure and relaxation.


Mbale is the headquarter for many financial, administrative, and municipal institutions. Also, it is also an agricultural trade center as the region is fertile for growing coffee. Located at the foothills of Mount Elgon, it is popular for its cultural heritage and natural beauty. The city has a diverse community, including the indigenous Bagisu tribe. Mbale City is also a great place to experience the local cuisine, a fusion of traditional African and Indian flavors. Visit the spectacular Sipi Falls, a series of three waterfalls cascading down Mount Elgon's slopes. Enjoy the swim in the calm waters or take a scenic hike for a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.


Mbarara City is the largest city in the Ankole sub-region and serves as the administrative capital of the Mbarara District. Known for its friendly people, vibrant culture, and beautiful scenery, the city is a hub of economic activity. One major attraction is the Mbarara Clock Tower, built in the 1950s, standing tall in the town center. Savor traditional Ugandan dishes such as matoke, posho, and ugali. Also, the city is surrounded by beautiful hills and valleys and is home to several national parks and wildlife reserves. The beautiful landscapes and peaceful surroundings are perfect for nature lovers.


Gulu is also known for its vibrant nightlife, with many bars and clubs that offer live music and entertainment. The nearby Kidepo Valley National Park is a must-visit for those interested in nature. Visit the Gulu Cultural Center, which showcases the traditional music, dance, and art of the Acholi people. The center also houses a museum that tells the story of the city's history and the impact of the conflict that plagued the region for many years. Visit the St. Joseph's Cathedral, a stunning colonial-era church that dates back to the early 20th century. An architectural masterpiece, the cathedral is a testament to the enduring faith of the people of Gulu.


Situated on the shores of Lake Victoria, where the Nile River begins its journey to the Mediterranean, Jinja is known as the "adventure capital of Uganda." Jinja offers a variety of activities for thrill-seekers, including white-water rafting, bungee jumping, and zip-lining. Take a boat ride to the nearby Bujagali Falls for stunning views. With its diverse ecosystems, including swamps, forests, and wetlands, the region is home to over 300 bird species. Bird enthusiasts can embark on guided birdwatching tours, where they can spot colorful species like the African fish eagle, the pied kingfisher, and the malachite kingfisher.

Types of Visa

To traverse this meadowy country, you need an Uganda e-visa. At Insta Global Visa, you can get six types of e-visas. You can decide the kind according to your travel plan.
• Tourist visa
• Transit visa

A single-entry ticket allows you to enter and exit the country only once. With multiple e-visa entries, you can enter and exit the country numerous times. With an East Africa Tourist e-visa, you can explore the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Rwanda, and the Republic of Uganda. The processing time is usually 24-48 working hours. Here are the details of each visa:

Tourist e-visa- Single entry
Visa validity- 90 days from the date of issue
Stay Validity- 90 days from the date of entry

Transit e-visa-Single entry
Visa validity- 7 days from the date of issue
Stay Validity- 7 days from the date of entry

East Africa Tourist e-visa- Multiple entries
Visa validity- 90 days from the date of issue
Stay Validity- 90 days from the date of entry

6 Months Tourist e-visa- Multiple entries
Visa validity- 6 months from the date of issue
Stay Validity- 6 months from the date of entry

12 Months Tourist e-visa- Multiple entries
Visa validity- 12 months from the date of issue
Stay Validity- 12 months from the date of entry

24 Months Tourist e-visa- Multiple entries
Visa validity- 24 months from the date of issue
Stay Validity- 24 months from the date of entry

Requirements for Uganda visa
Mentioned below are the required documents for the Uganda e-visa:
  • Travel Insurance with COVID-19 coverage is mandatory.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.
  • Photograph: A front-facing photograph of the applicant.
  • Copy of Passport. A clear copy of your passport with at least 6 months remaining valid.
  • Copy of Return Air Tickets

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Uganda Visa Rules

Those wishing to apply for an Uganda online visa must check the following visa rules before applying:

  1. The applicant's photo must be taken within the last six months.
  2. The applicants must ensure that they have carefully filled the visa applications in all respect.
  3. The traveler must produce proof of hotel bookings, flight bookings, and a detailed plan of activities during the stay in Uganda.
  4. A copy of the tour ticket is required.
  5. Children below the age of 5 are exempted from Covid-19 PCR tests.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can we help you? You can browse what you looking for.
Absolutely! Contrary to popular belief, Uganda has had a democratic, progressive, and stable government for over ten years. A vast population speaks English, so you don't have to worry about the language barrier. Besides, the locals are friendly and welcoming.
For all types of Uganda e-visas, the processing period is usually 24-48 working hours.

Families can go on a safari or trekking to see wildlife, take a boat trip, or take a cultural tour. In Uganda, there is something for every member of the family. All ages can experience adventurous travel, but you should be aware that trekking calls for a particular level of physical fitness.

The best time to be in Uganda is between December - February and June - August. During these periods, tourists can enjoy trekking and spot various unique animals.

Yes, Uganda is open for international visitors. Remember to carry a negative PCR test taken in the last 72 hours of arrival, if you are unvaccinated. The visitor is required to go through the Covid-19 test upon arrival, and if the result is positive, they should quarantine. If the test is negative, the visitor is free to travel the country. While exploring the country, wear a face mask in public places.

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