Frequently Asked Questions
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The validity of the Tanzania e-visa from the issue date are:

  • Transit visa (Single Entry): 7 days
  • Tourist visa (Single Entry): 90 days
  • Multiple entry visa: 1 year
  • Business visa (Single Entry): 90 days
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The official and commonly used language in Tanzania is Swahili. English is the second language of Tanzania, a commercial language, and the primary teaching language used in all higher education institutes.

Visa processing times for Tanzania visas are as follows:

  • Transit visa (Single Entry): 10 working days
  • Tourist visa (Single Entry): 10 working days
  • Multiple entry visa: 10 working days
  • Business visa (Single Entry): 10 working days

A Tanzania visa is an official document that allows citizens from different nations to enter and exit Tanzania officially for tourism or business purposes. The types of Tanzania visas are:

Transit visa (Single Entry)
Tourist visa (Single Entry)
Multiple entry visa
Business visa (Single Entry)