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Travel Guide

Modern tourists visit Tajikistan to embark on a surreal voyage. This nation is renowned for its towering mountains, steep gorges, and elevated deserts.

Begin your journey in the vibrant capital city of Dushanbe, where you can explore its bustling bazaars, visit the National Museum, and soak in the lively atmosphere. From there, venture into the majestic Pamir Mountains, known as the "Roof of the World," where you'll be awestruck by breathtaking landscapes, pristine lakes, and rugged peaks. Don't miss the opportunity to meet the warm and hospitable Pamiri people and immerse yourself in their rich traditions.

For History enthusiasts, immerse yourself in the mystical allure of Silk Road cities such as Khujand and Istarvashan. These ancient urban centres, steeped in history, evoke a sense of wonder and transport you back in time. Stroll through their narrow streets, adorned with architectural marvels and vibrant marketplaces, where the essence of the Silk Road trade still lingers.

Nature lovers will be enthralled by the Fan Mountains, offering stunning alpine beauty and excellent trekking opportunities. Discover hidden valleys, lush meadows, and crystal-clear lakes as you embark on unforgettable hikes. Come and experience the allure of Tajikistan, where adventure awaits at every turn with a Tajikistan visit visa.

Things to Do in

Tajikistan offers a plethora of exciting activities for adventurous travellers. Here are four of the best things to experience in Tajikistan:

Trekking in the Pamir Mountains:

Embark on an unforgettable trekking adventure in the majestic Pamir Mountains, often called the "Roof of the World." Marvel at the untouched beauty of the landscapes. The place offers various trekking options, from gentle day hikes to challenging multi-day expeditions. Encounter breathtaking vistas, pristine lakes, and snow-capped peaks, all while immersing yourself in the serenity of nature.

Exploring the Silk Road Cities:

Tajikistan boasts ancient cities that were once significant stops along the Silk Road. Discover the historical and cultural treasures of Khujand and Istaravshan. Wander through streets adorned with architectural wonders, visit bustling bazaars, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere. Explore ancient fortresses, mosques, and mausoleums, showcasing the region's rich history and the influence of the Silk Road trade.

Pamir Highway Road Trip:

Embark on an epic road trip along the Pamir Highway, one of the world's highest and most scenic mountain roads. Traverse mountain passes, witness panoramic views of the Pamir Mountains, and encounter remote villages. This journey offers an opportunity to interact with the friendly locals, learn about their traditions, and witness the rugged beauty of Tajikistan's landscapes.

Rafting on the Vakhsh River:

For adrenaline enthusiasts, rafting on the Vakhsh River is a must-do activity in Tajikistan. Brace yourself for thrilling rapids as you navigate the stunning gorges and valleys. Experience the rush of whitewater rafting while surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. The Vakhsh River blends adventure and scenic exploration, offering a unique perspective on Tajikistan's diverse landscapes.

Laos Facts and Figures
Tajikistan Facts and Figures
Name : Tajikistan
Location: Central Asia
Time : UTC+5
Capital : Dushanbe
Major cities : Dushanbe, Khujand, Bokhtar, Khorog, Kulob, Penjikent,
Language : Tajik (official), Russian
Area : 143,100 square kilometres (55,250 square miles)
Population : 9.6 million (2022 est.)
National day : Independence Day, September 9
Currency : Tajikistani Somoni
Main Airline: Tajik Air
International Airports: Dushanbe International Airport (DYU), Khujand International Airport (LBD), Kulyab Airport (TJU)
About Tajikistan and My Avenues to Explore Tajikistan
The name Tajikistan is derived from the term "Tajik" and is thought to derive from the Arabic word "Tayyi", the Iranian people who have lived in Central Asia for centuries. It refers to a large Arab tribe that migrated to Central Asia in the 7th century.
A landlocked country in Central Asia. It borders Afghanistan to the south, Uzbekistan to the north and west, and Kyrgyzstan to the north. The country has various landscapes, including mountains, valleys, and deserts. Tajikistan is also home to a number of historical and cultural sites, including the antique city of Samarkand.
Some of the top attractions in Tajikistan include the Tajikistan National Museum, Rudaki Park, Noor Art Gallery in Dushanbe, and Sarez Lake in Khorugh. Tajiks are incredibly welcoming and hospitable, so it's not uncommon for strangers to invite you to their homes for a meal or to spend the night with their families.
Embark on an extraordinary journey to uncover Tajikistan's best-kept secrets and marvel at the natural beauty of this stunning nation.

The largest capital city of Tajikistan, serves as an ideal starting point for your journey. A delightful city built around parks, lakes and fountains. Visit the National Museum of Tajikistan, which showcases the history and culture, admire the grandeur of the Navruz Palace, and explore the bustling bazaars where you can taste the regional delicacies and shop traditional crafts. Stroll along Rudaki Avenue, lined with parks and monuments, and enjoy the city's vibrant nightlife.


Located in northern Tajikistan, this is the second-largest city and a vibrant centre of trade and culture. Panjshanbe Bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars in Central Asia to find the best variety of local goods. Learn about the city's ancient routes and explore the Citadel of Khujand, a well-preserved fortress from the 6th century in the Historical Museum of Sughd. Experience the charm of Tajikistan's local restaurants and indulge in traditional cuisine with the convenience of a Tajikistan evisa.


Situated in the picturesque Fergana Valley, it is also known as the ancientest city of Tajikistan. Roam around the narrow, winding streets of the old town, where you'll find stunning examples of traditional architecture, including the 16th-century Kukhna Mosque and the Mugtepa Complex. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Khazrat-i-Shokh Mausoleum, a sacred site attracting pilgrims from around the region. This site is considered sacred, imbued with a profound sense of spirituality and history.


An ancient city with an affluent history is located in the Sughd region near the border with Uzbekistan. The ancient Penjikent is an archaeological site dating back to the 5th century. Admire the well-preserved frescoes and structures. A visit to the Rudaki Museum would provide an enriching experience, allowing one to delve into the life and artistic creations of Rudaki, the celebrated Persian poet who originated from this very locality.


Nestled in the heart of the Pamir Mountains, Khorog is a gateway to the region's stunning natural beauty. Take breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains as you explore the city's markets, taste delicious local cuisine, and interact with the friendly local population. Don't miss visiting the Pamir Botanical Gardens, which showcase a remarkable variety of alpine flora. The gardens offer an incredible display of alpine flora that is truly remarkable and worth experiencing.

Types of Visa

• Tourist - eVisa (Single Entry)
This single-entry tourist Tajikistan evisa lets the applicant enter and exit the country once in 90 days. Travellers can choose this visa for travel and family meetings.
Visa Validity: 90 Days from the date of issue
Stay Validity: 60 Days from the date of entry

• Business - eVisa (Single Entry)
This single-entry tourist evisa lets the applicant enter and exit the country once in 90 days. Travellers can choose this visa for travel and business conferences and meetings.
Visa Validity: 90 Days from the date of issue
Stay Validity: 60 Days from the date of entry

• Tourist - eVisa (Multiple Entries)
This multiple tourist evisa lets the applicant enter and exit the country numerous times in 90 days. Travellers can choose this visa for travel and exploring the countryside.
Visa Validity: 90 Days from the date of issue
Stay Validity: 60 Days from the date of entry

• Business - eVisa (Multiple Entries)
This multiple-business Tajikistan visa online lets the applicant enter and exit the country numerous times in 90 days. Travellers can choose this visa for travel and business conferences and meetings.
Visa Validity: 90 Days from the date of issue
Stay Validity: 60 Days from the date of entry

The processing time for all visa types is 24-48 working hours.

Documents Required
Following are some of the documents required before you apply for a Tajikistan evisa:-
  • Copy of Hotel Reservation.
  • Photograph: A front-facing photograph of the applicant.
  • Copy of Passport. A replica of your passport with at least 6 months remaining valid.
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Tajikistan Visa Rules

  1. Make sure that your travel passport is valid for at least six months.
  2. It is necessary to have a clear criminal record.
  3. To be eligible for an evisa, you must reside in one of the listed countries.
  4. Depending on your nationality, you must provide additional documents. Make sure that all necessary documents are submitted.
Frequently Asked Questions
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The Tajikistan visa validity is 90 Days from the date of issue, and stay validity is 60 Days from the date of entry.

Yes, every traveller requires a Tajikistan visa to visit the country. For further details, you can always reach our support team.

Insta Global Visa provides a Tajikistan e-visa that allows travellers to visit Tajikistan for tourism, business, or transit purposes. It can be obtained online via the official Insta Global visa website by submitting the required documents and paying the visa fee.

Yes, non-essential businesses and attractions are currently open in Tajikistan.

To check your eligibility for a Tajikistan evisa, visit Insta Global Visa and mention your nationality. For further information, contact our support team.

Tajikistan Visa Covid-19 Update

The following COVID-19-related entry requirements are in place for travellers to Tajikistan:

  1. Travellers visiting Tajikistan, irrespective of their vaccination status, must provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test report taken within 72 hours of arrival. Additionally, they may have to undergo a second PCR test upon reaching their destination.
  2. If you don't have proof of a negative COVID-19 test, you must isolate yourself until you receive a negative result. If you test positive, you'll need to isolate until you recover. The local authorities require you to isolate at a government facility.
  3. To comply with social distancing guidelines, non-essential establishments such as shopping centers, markets, and restaurants are open. In certain areas, individuals may need to provide proof of vaccination to enter public places or attend events.

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