Frequently Asked Questions
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A Taiwan e-visa is an official travel document that allows travellers to enter and exit Taiwan. It allows a foreign individual to enter, stay, or transit through that country for a specific purpose and duration.

The Spring Festival is a highly celebrated and important holiday in Taiwan. The Spring Festival falls between late January and early February. Visiting Taiwan during the Spring Festival can be a fascinating and vibrant experience.

To get the sticker visa for Taiwan, contact the Insta Global Visa support team, who are available 24x7 at +91-9887960906 or email us at

24-48 working days are the visa processing time for a Tourist (Single-Entry) for a Taiwan e-visa. Apply for the visa on Insta Global Visa and receive your visa on time.

The visa validity of a Taiwan visa is 90 days from the issue date; the stay validity is 30 days from the entry date. For smooth and hassle-free visa services apply for your Taiwan visa via Insta Global Visa.