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Switzerland Travel Guide

A vibrant blend of the indigenous heritage as well as Spanish culture, Costa Rica has a rich past that is evident in its taste and traditions. With a dash of Jamaican, Chinese, and other immigrant cultures, the land has a varied facade that is hard to explain and equally difficult to fathom.

The best time to be in Costa Rica is between December and April. The month is ideal for visiting the country as the weather is brightest at the time. You can also visit the place during the green season of May to June or November. Use a Costa Rica visa to see the spot during the given period.

With an excellent public transportation network, the country connects far-off places to the main towns in a way that only a few spots can offer. Once here, you will be served the country's staple food, which includes rice, beans, and vegetables. Interestingly, the nationals maintain a particular time when they come together and drink coffee followed by white bread or other sweet or savory pastries.

Today, the country reflects unique exoticism and exuberance that makes it a much-sought-after destination in the world. The land poses a challenge to every beholder to explore and understand the country's true essence. So, buck up and discover the scintillating land that has remained every traveler's favorite through a Costa Rica visit visa.

Things to Do in Switzerland
With its rich biodiversity in the world, Costa Rica has a varied landscape that provides innumerable activities that can be performed on the land. Indulge in these trendy and exhilarating activities loved and performed in the nation. Indeed, there is nothing like Costa Rican adventure.
Volcano Trekking

A land of natural extremes and pristine wilderness, Costa Rica offers some of the most unique activities, one being Volcano Trekking. Get up and avail your Costa Rica e-visa to enjoy the power-packed Volcano trekking experience. You can enjoy round-trip trekking, which is an 8-hour trip that offers a great experience to every traveler. Have a stellar experience with the activity and weave a lifetime's memory.

Scuba Diving

Costa Rica offers one of the best scuba diving experiences in a country surrounded by oceans. You can visit the place from May-November if you're an advanced diver. August to December serves as the best time for beginners who prefer easy diving. With hugely varied marine life, the country offers nothing but the best to each of its admirers, who seek tranquility and peace.


With more than 800 miles of fantastic coastline consisting of coral reefs and ocean, the country provides Snorkeling options to visitors who wish to have an adrenalin kick. Unsurprisingly, Costa Rica is rated one of the best snorkeling spots in the world. A Costa Rica visa will allow you to relish the activity that has been Costa Rica's favorite activity for a long time.


Costa Rica has some places that can only be explored by boat, and canoeing helps one do that. No prior experience is required to perform the activity. Glide past picturesque surroundings and wild animals that make the ride more enjoyable. It is best to have a guide when you go canoeing as they pin-point unique aspects of nature that a novice eye otherwise misses.

Switzerland Facts and Figures
Costa Rica Facts and Figures
Name: The Republic of Costa Rica
Location: Central America
Time: UTC-6 (CST)
Capital: San Jose
Major cities: San Jose, Heredia, Cartago
Language: Spanish, Mekatelyu, Bribri, Patois
Area: 51, 100 km2
Population: 5,094,118
National Day: 15th September
Currency: Costa Rican Colon
Main Airline: Costa Rica Green Airways
International Airport: Juan Santamaria International Airport
About Costa Rica and My Avenues to Exploring Costa Rica

Nestled in Central America, Costa Rica is a unitary presidential constitutional republic. To know the land, you can avail of your preferred Costa Rica visa and dip in the place's beauty. The country focuses more on education, spending 6.9% of the budget on the sector, compared to a global average of 4.4%. The land has performed fairly well in the Human Development Index (HDI), ranking fifth in Latin America. According to the Press Index Freedom, the nation has the seventh most unrestrained press and is the twelfth happiest country per World Happiness Report. Costa Rica is one of the most-visited nations in the Central American region, with the tourism sector contributing 5.8% of the GDP. Be a part of the country's most loved places by availing yourself of the Costa Rica visa online facility.

San Jose

The capital and the largest town of Costa Rica, San Jose, is the country's center in the mid-west of the Central Valley. Known for its lush green jungles and amazing beaches, the city makes a likely stop before you head towards other destinations. Being the nation's entryway, the town possesses the largest airport. In addition, San Jose boasts of some of the most remarkable museums, the most notable being the Gold museum, which is a must-visit. Once, here also enjoy the country's fantastic nightlife.


A bustling city in Costa Rica, Heredia offers some of the best vacation experiences that are overwhelming. Founded in 1705, the town is known as the "City of Flowers" due to its beautiful gardens and splendid flora and fauna. Located in central Costa Rica, and abundant in coffee plantations, Heredia is an ideal place for all tourists. Revel in the charm of the place by availing of the Costa Rica visa facility. Once here, visit the city's colonial architecture spread across the town.


Situated in the southeast of San Jose, Cartago is a splendid place to spend your holidays. The third-largest city in the country, the land thrives with the great agricultural industry. With a tantalizing riverbank setting, the city serves as a perfect spot to relish the tranquility of Costa Rica. Although Cartago is among the smallest provinces, the town contains the most Spanish Colonial era sites and cultural traditions. The city also served as the country's first capital till 1823.


Located on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast, Cahuita is a mesmerizing quaint village near the borders of Panama. The place is best known for its spectacular national park and authentic cultural reflections of the nation. An untouched piece of paradise, the town packs an enormous punch for every traveler. You can be a part of the fascinating city with a Costa Rica e-visa. If you dream of a peaceful and relaxing vacation, head towards Cahuita and experience the best of nature and artificial existence.


A village in Limon Province, Tortuguero is a captivating place in Costa Rica. The land is on a rainforest-covered sandbar with scintillating beaches that are an important nesting site for green turtles. The stunning natural area has a charm of its own that cannot be fathomed in one go. You can witness rare and exotic animals that live in the area and bless your eyes with their presence. You can also spend days canoeing on the peaceful canals that Tortuguero possesses.

Types of Switzerland Visa

To learn about a nation that offers numerous amusement and explorative opportunities requires a visa from a competent authority. As such, one can apply for Costa Rica Visa for different purposes through Insta Global Visa.

The country offers a single-entry: -

  • Business Sticker Visa
  • Tourist Sticker Visa

All the visa types allow travelers to enter or exit Costa Rica only once. The visitor can acquire any of these visas as per their nationality. Whether visiting Costa Rica is on your cart this time or you wish to be a part of their lively culture, the travel permit can help you fulfill your purpose. Each visa type's visa and stay validity depends on the embassy or the immigration.

The applicants can even apply for Costa Rica visit visas at Insta Global Visa. Also, other nationals can contact our chat support team to learn about the Costa Rica sticker visa.

Requirements for Visa for Costa Rica

Mentioned below are some of the documents required for your visa application: -

  • A valid passport not older than ten years with at least six months validity.
  • Two recently taken photographs
  • Round trip reservation or flight itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • Bank statement for the last six months
  • Occupation proof
  • Covid vaccination certificate

Before applying for a Costa Rica visa, ensure that you have Travel Insurance with a Covid-19 coverage as mandated by the concerned authority. You can avail of the mentioned service through Insta Global Visa.

Note: The processing time for a Business and Tourist Sticker Visa is 15 working days.

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Costa Rica Visa Rules

Before applying, those wishing to apply for a Costa Rica Sticker visa must check the following visa rules: -

  1. The traveler must have Travel Health Insurance.
  2. The applicant must produce a return ticket to exit the country.
  3. The visitor must also state the purpose of travel.
  4. The applicant must also state their place of residence in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica Visa Covid-19 Update

Before applying for a Costa Rica Visa, the applicants need to understand the following rules: -

  1. The travelers are requested to be updated with the COVID-19 vaccines before traveling to Costa Rica.
  2. Anyone two years or older must wear a well-fitting mask in indoor public spaces.

With Insta Global Visa, the leading visa service provider, getting a Costa Rica Sticker visa is easy. Already having catered to the needs of innumerable visa seekers, we understand your queries and concerns for the same. Learn and apply for your Costa Rica visa online by reaching us through 24x7 chat options or email us at

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