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Poland Travel Guide

With stunning medieval architecture, castles, and palaces, Poland is indeed a land of dreams. Encompassing extensive mountains, lakes, stunning landscapes, and national parks, the country has endless trails waiting to be explored and admired. The land is bound to woo your senses with its tranquility and serenity that is rare to find.

The best time to be in Poland is May-June and September-October. It is during this time that you can explore and be a part of Poland's most splendid places. So, if you wish to relish the country's nature closely, get a Poland visa and enter the land of captivating beauty.

Blessed with exotic cuisines and rich Jewish heritage, the nation is a hub of social life for Gen Z. Known for its medieval architecture; the country offers the best of all. Get going, enjoy the majestic mountains and the inviting shoreline, and weave a lifetime experience. A famous travel destination for millions every year, one cannot escape the spell that the land casts on the beholder.

The nation has been able to keep its natural beauty unspoiled and away from human hindrance. All this adds to the elegance of the country that has invariably faced the ravages of time. So, get on and discover the much sought-after land that has remained every traveler's favorite through a Poland visit visa.

Things to Do in Poland
Being a modern city full of vibrancy, Poland has no dearth of adventurous activities available for you. If the country's bars, fine dining restaurants, and tourist spots are not enough for you, then indulge in some extremely popular and exhilarating activities performed in Poland.
Speed Dating

A unique activity done in Poland is Speed Dating. You'll be meeting twenty people in ninety minutes and will be given a few minutes to impress each date. Once the time is up, you'll have to move to another table or wait for your next date to approach you. The activity is organized monthly in Warsaw, which can be relished through the Poland e-visa.

Vodka Tour

Another enjoyable activity that you can indulge in and relish in the country is the very famous Vodka Tour. Be a part of the particular exercise while visiting the alluring land. The challenge is to drink as much vodka as you can and test your capacity. However, make sure that your stomach is lined up with good stuff before you take up the challenge.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is just for you if you have an adventure bone. A thrilling activity, it will surely pump up your adrenalin rush. Admire the panoramic view of the places around you and witness the land's natural beauty. An adventurous sport, it can be enjoyed with a Poland visa. Get past your fears and be the ultimate version of yourself with Bungee jumping.

Horse Riding

Poland loves horse riding and so will you, once you reach the country. With the ride, you'll witness appropriate trails and designated tracks untouched by time. You can acquaint yourself with the quaint surroundings and understand Poland in its truest form. The best part about the activity is you enjoy the beauty of the place without needing any dexterity on a horse.

Poland Facts and Figures
Poland Facts and Figures
Name: Republic of Poland
Location: Central Europe
Time: UTC + 1 (CET)
Capital: Warsaw
Major cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz
Language: Polish, Russian, Slovak
Area: 312,696 km2
Population: 38,179,800
National Day: 11th November
Currency: Zloty (PLN)
Main Airline: Polish Airlines
International Airport: Warsaw Chopin Airport
About Poland and My Avenues to Exploring Poland

Nestled in Central Europe, Poland's territory extends from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Sudeten and Carpathian Mountains in the south. The country shares maritime boundaries with Denmark and Sweden. To know the land, you can avail of your preferred Poland visa. The nation is a developed market and a middle power. It possesses the sixth-largest economy in the European Union by nominal GDP and the fifth-largest by GDP. It has seventeen UNESCO World Heritage sites, out of which fifteen are cultural. The country is a founding member state of the United Nations and a member of the World Trade Organization, and the European Union. The climate here is temperate transitional and varies as per the region. You can witness the most loved places here by availing yourself of the Poland visa online facility.


Warsaw, Poland's capital and the largest city, stands on the river Vistula. The place's old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After suffering tremendously during World War II, the region has seen it all. A pulsating heart of the country, Warsaw serves as the intellectual center for Poland. The city has an eclectic presence from all sides through its vibrant cultural land. From rich history to classical music and contemporary art, Warsaw will likely offer something to each of its admirers.


Poland's second-largest city, Krakow, is a city near the border of the Czech Republic. The place has traditionally been a leading center of the Polish economic, academic, artistic, and cultural hubs. Krakow is known for its well-maintained medieval core and lavish Jewish quarter. A historical and visual gem, you can enjoy it with a Poland Visa. Once here, do not miss visiting the Market Square and the Florinska Street that will let you fall in love with the Krakow every time you visit.


A city in central Poland, Lodz is the country's third-largest town. A former textile manufacturing hub, it is one of the most valued tourist destinations in the nation. While visiting the place, take time and visit its Central Museum of Textiles, which displays 19th-century machinery, fabrics, and handicrafts. It is known worldwide for its National Film School, a cradle for most renowned Polish artists. Whether you're a shopping freak or wish to enjoy some quiet time, Lodz will surely not let you down.


The largest city in the historical area of Silesia, Wroclaw, lies on the banks of the River Oder in western Poland. Known for its splendid Market Square lined with impressive townhouses, the place has a subtle charm and aura attached to each of its facades. Through Poland e-visa, tour the city and witness its beauty. With an idyllic setting, Wroclaw is loved and adored by each visitor entering its doors. A delightful town is a picturesque place worth stopping by while visiting Poland.


A fun city to hang out in, Poznan is a town on the Warta River in western Poland. The place is known for its green spaces, universities, and Renaissance-styled buildings in the Old Market Square. Poznan's old town is home to several historical sites and fantastic museums that are a must-visit. A vital economic, cultural, and business center, it is a lively city full of vibrant colors. Poznan has the most important trade fair complex and one of the most spectacular Town Hall at present.

Types of Poland Visa

Learning about a country that offers innumerable amusement and exciting opportunities requires a visa from a competent authority. As such, one can apply for Poland Visa for different purposes through Insta Global Visa.

The country offers a single-entry:

  • Business Sticker Visa
  • Family Visit Sticker Visa
  • Tourist Sticker Visa

All the visa types allow travelers to enter or exit the country only once. The visitor can acquire any of these visas as per their nationality. Whether visiting Poland is on your calendar this time or you wish to be a part of their exuberant culture, the visas can help you fulfill your purpose. Each visa type's visa and stay validity depends on the embassy or the immigration.

The applicants can also apply for Poland visit visas at Insta Global Visa. Also, other nationals can contact our chat support team to learn about the Poland sticker visa.

Note: The processing time for Business, Family, and Tourist Sticker visas is 15 working days.

Documents required

Mentioned below are some of the documents required for your visa application: -

  • A valid passport not older than ten years with at least six months validity.
  • Two recently taken photographs
  • Round trip reservation or flight itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • Bank statement for the last six months
  • Occupation proof
  • Covid vaccination Certificate
  • Business Invitation Letter (if any)

Before applying for a Poland visa, ensure that you have Travel Insurance with a Covid-19 coverage as mandated by the concerned authority. You can avail of the mentioned service through Insta Global Visa.

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Poland Visa Rules

Before applying, those wishing to apply for a Poland Sticker visa must check the following visa rules: -

  1. The applicant must fill in all the essential details and re-check the information provided in the application form before submission.
  2. The visitor seeking a visa is required to submit a travel document with at least two blank pages, which is issued within the past ten years.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Yes, Poland is a friendly nation and welcomes people from all nationalities with open arms.

Yes. Our payment gateways are secured with an industry-leading 256-bit SSL that provides added security when making payments.

You can pay for your visa for Poland through a credit or debit card.

The visa and stay validity of the visa for Poland is dependent on the immigration or the embassy.

All the applicants get notified at each stage of their visa application. To learn more about it, you can reach our chat support team, which is available 24x7.

Poland Visa Covid-19 Update

Before applying for a Poland visa, the applicants need to understand the following rules: -

  1. There exist no Covid restrictions for traveling to Poland.
  2. There is no need to present certificates of vaccination or testing for Covid-19.
  3. The travelers are not required to complete a Passenger Locator Form for entering the country.

With Insta Global Visa, a Poland Sticker visa is easy. Already having catered to the needs of innumerable visa seekers, we understand your queries and concerns for the same. Learn and apply for your Poland visa online by reaching us through 24x7 chat options or by email us at Get Your Visa Now!