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Countries Eligible for Online Pakistan Visa
Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra
Angola Anguilla Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia
Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas
Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium
Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia
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China Colombia Comoros Cook Islands Costa Rica
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Denmark Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic Ecuador
Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Estonia
Ethiopia Faroe Islands Fiji Finland France
Gabon Gambia Georgia Germany Ghana
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Guatemala Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti
Honduras Hong Kong (S.A.R.) Hungary Iceland India
Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel
Italy Ivory Coast Jamaica Japan Jordan
Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati Kosovo Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia Lebanon Lesotho
Liberia Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg
Macao Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Maldives
Mali Malta Marshall Islands Martinique Mauritania
Mauritius Mayotte Micronesia Moldova Monaco
Mongolia Montenegro Morocco Mozambique Myanmar
Namibia Nauru Nepal Netherlands New Caledonia
New Zealand Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Norfolk Island
North Korea North Macedonia Norway Oman Pakistan
Palau Palestine Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay
Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico
Qatar Republic of the Congo Reunion Romania Russia
Rwanda Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Samoa
San Marino Sao Tome and Principe Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia
Seychelles Sierra Leone Singapore Slovakia Slovenia
Solomon Islands Somalia South Africa South Korea South Sudan
Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Suriname Swaziland
Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Tajikistan
Tanzania Thailand Timor-Leste (East Timor) Togo Tonga
Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Turks and Caicos Islands
Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Kingdom (UK)
United States of America (USA) Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vatican City
Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe
Pakistan Travel Guide

Pakistan is a country that captivates its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, warm hospitality and vibrant culture. The country has famous ancient cities, towering mountains, serene valleys, and lively bazaars. Explore the gorgeous valleys of Hunza, Kaghan and Swat, surrounded by snow-capped peaks. Hike along thrilling trails and witness the stunning sunset.

Discover the ancient archaeological sites of Taxila and Mohenjo-Daro, UNESCO World Heritage Sites that unravel the mysteries of the country's past—marvel at the intricate carvings of the centuries-old shrines and temples in Multan and Peshawar.

Escape to the tranquil beauty of Pakistan's valleys and lakes, the picturesque Saif-ul-Malook Lake, nestled amidst the snow-capped peaks of Naran. Explore the enchanting Ratti Gali Lake, surrounded by lush meadows in Neelum Valley. Discover the turquoise gem of Attabad Lake, a mesmerizing sight on the Karakoram Highway.

Immerse yourself in the lively culture of Pakistan—stroll through the bustling bazaars of Peshawar and Rawalpindi, where you can indulge in traditional handicrafts, spices, and colourful textiles. Savour mouthwatering street food, from spicy kebabs to delectable biryanis and attend festivals like the Shandur Polo Festival, showcasing the region's traditional sports and music.

Things to Do in Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with diverse landscapes, natural beauty and an endless array of culinary magic. The majestic Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges dominate the landscape along with the world's highest peaks like K2, Rakaposhi and Nanga Parbat. You'll fall in love with the country once you explore it.


Pakistan has a few fantastic hiking trails. Majestic mountains, wildlife and scenic landscape, can be experienced during the adventurous hike. Some famous hiking trails in Pakistan are Naltar Valley, Dunga Gali-Ayubia Track, Miranjani Track, Margalla hills track, Chitta Katha Lake, Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Base Camp.

Ancient city of Taxila

Taxila is an ancient city in Pakistan; its beauty lies in its rich archaeological sites and the remnants of ancient structures. The city boasts numerous Buddhist monasteries, stupas, and sculptures showcasing the Gandhara era's exquisite craftsmanship and artistic finesse. The ruins of Taxila are a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Highest Polo Ground

Britishers built a polo ground on the Shandur Pass, the world's highest polo ground. The ground is known as the "Roof of the World" for hosting the highest polo tournament in the world. The natural beauty surrounding the Polo Ground is awe-inspiring as it is nestled amidst the majestic mountains with a backdrop of snow-capped peaks.

Cold Desert

The world's highest 'Cold Desert' is located in Skardu, Pakistan, known as the Katpana Desert. The large sand dunes covered in snow during the winter make it a popular destination for travellers and nature enthusiasts. Travellers can walk on the soft sand underneath the blue sky and cold breeze.

Laos Facts and Figures
Pakistan Facts and Figures
Name : Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Location: South Asia
Time : UTC+5
Capital : Islamabad
Major cities : Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad
Language : Urdu, English, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi
Area : 881,913 sq km
Population : 233,894,769
National day : March 23
Currency : Pakistani Rupee
Main Airline: Pakistan International Airlines
International Airports: Jinnah International Airport, Bacha Khan International Airport
About Pakistan & My avenues To Exploring Pakistan
Pakistan is a country in Southern Asia, located in Earth's Northern and Eastern hemispheres. Pakistan shares an Eastern boundary with India, a western and northern border with Afghanistan, a northeastern border with China and a southwestern border with Iran. Pakistan achieved independence from British colonial rule in 1947 with an overwhelmingly Muslim population and became the Islamic Republic.
The main commercial hub is Pakistan's capital, Islamabad, located in the Himalayan foothills in the country's northern region. Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, is located on the Arabian Sea's southern coast. The country has significantly progressed in various sectors, such as textiles, agriculture and information technology. Many landscapes surround Pakistan's geographical diversity, including deserts, mountains, and fertile plains.

Karachi is a city in southern Pakistan, the largest city, principal seaport, industrial and commercial centre. The city has a variety of names like Crochey, Caranjee, Krotchey, and Currachee. Karachi offers beautiful beaches and a thriving maritime due to its coastline along the Arabian Sea. The city has various architectural landmarks, including the Mazar-e- Quaid, the final resting place of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (founder of Pakistan) and the Karachi Port Trust Building. The city offers a range of healthcare facilities and educational institutions. Textiles and footwear are manufactured, including food and beverages, metal products, wood, furniture, chemicals, paper, and more.


Lahore, known as Lahawr in Urdu, is the Punjab province in Pakistan. Lahore is the historical and cultural hub known for its rich heritage, and architectural marvels is the second largest city in Pakistan. It is situated northeast of Karachi in the upper Indus plain on the Ravi River. Lahore is renowned for its architectural gems, such as the magnificent Lahore Fort, which houses the famous Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors), and one of the world's largest mosques, the Badshahi Mosque. The city's cultural scene thrives with festivals, including the annual Lahore Literary Festival, showcasing Pakistan's literary talent.


Islamabad is situated in the north of Pakistan and is the capital city of Pakistan. Islamabad's Faisal Mosque is the fifth-largest mosque globally and the largest in South Asia. It is a planned city with wide roads and well-maintained organized infrastructure. Islamabad hosts important government institutions, diplomatic missions and foreign embassies. The city also contributes lush greenery with gardens and parks, providing residents and visitors with ample recreational spaces. The strategic location of Islamabad provides simple access to other major cities and is a gateway to Pakistan's picturesque northern regions.


Rawalpindi is Pakistan's fourth largest city and was Pakistan's capital from 1959 to 1969. Rawalpindi and Islamabad lie next to each other and are jointly known as the "twin cities" of Pakistan due to the economic and social links between them. It is an important commercial, administrative and industrial centre. The industries include gasworks, an oil refinery, a brewery and textile mills. Rawalpindi also hosts numerous cultural events, including folk festivals, music concerts, and theatre performances, showcasing the region's rich cultural heritage. Rawalpindi's strategic location makes it a major transportation hub, with well-connected road and rail networks linking it to other parts of the country.


Peshawar, situated northwest of the country, is Pakistan's sixth largest city. The city is populated mainly by Pashtuns or Pathans, who form the second largest ethnic group in Pakistan. It is also the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province's capital in Pakistan, carrying tremendous historical and cultural significance. The city is influenced by various civilizations and empires that have left their mark over centuries. Peshawar is known for its ancient architecture, with landmarks such as the Qissa Khwani Bazaar, an iconic market famous for Qehwa and Chai houses, and several famous Indian movie actors that originated from this region.

Types of Pakistan Visa

One can apply for the Pakistan e-visa for tourism and business purposes through Insta Global Visa. The country provides a single-entry visa that allows visitors to enter or exit the country once.

• Tourism visa (Single-Entry)
The visa validity of a tourist visa is 180 days from the date of issue, whereas the stay validity is 30 days from the entry date.

• Business visa (individual/family) visa (Single-Entry)
The visa validity is 30 days from the issue date, and the stay validity is also 30 days from the entry date.
The applicants can apply for a visa at Insta Global Visa. Also, those nationals who do not find themselves eligible for an online visa facility can reach our chat support team for a Pakistan sticker visa.

Requirements for Pakistan visa online
Following are some of the documents required before you apply for a Pakistan visa:-

For Tourist e-visa
  • Identity proof of sponsor.
  • Copy of Hotel Reservation.
  • A clear photograph of the applicant.
  • Copy of Passport. A clear copy of your passport with at least 6 months remaining valid.
For Business (individual/family) e-visa
  • Recommendation letter from CC&I of a respective foreign country.
  • Invitation letter from business organization duly recommended by concerned trade organization in Pakistan – To get this document – Please apply through Pakistan's E-Business Invitation Letter System.
  • Recommendation letter by the honorary investment counsellor of BOI/Commercial Attaché.
  • Photograph: A clear photograph of the applicant.
  • Copy of Passport. A clear copy of your passport with at least 6 months remaining valid.
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Pakistan Visa Rules
  1. The required documents must be attached along with the Pakistan visa form; to avoid rejection.
  2. Attach two photographs of the applicant with white background (size 45mm x 35mm).
  3. Address (Abroad/within Pakistan.)
  4. Fill up the Spouse's Name, Date of Birth, Birth Country and Present Nationality (in case of married applicants).
  5. Fill up the correct applicant's Name, Date of Birth, City of Birth, and Country of Birth.
  6. In the case of the Husband/Wife of Pakistan origin, attach the Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate of their children.
  7. A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate for people travelling to Pakistans from the endemic zone is required.
  8. Cholera, hepatitis, typhoid, and polio vaccinations are recommended.
  9. Malaria risk exists throughout the year in Pakistan below 2000 metres. P. falciparum, resistant to chloroquine, has also been reported.
  10. All foreigners staying in Pakistan for more than one year are required to present an AIDS-free certificate.
Frequently Asked Questions
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In urban areas, men wear Western suits on official and social occasions. Women wear, casual shalwar kameez. It is recommended that female visitors dress modestly.

The types of Pakistan visas are:

  • Tourist visa (Single-entry)
  • Business (individual/family) visa (Single-entry)

For more information, contact Insta Global Visa

What are the documents required for a Pakistan business visa?

  • Recommendation letter from CC&I of a respective foreign country.
  • Invitation letter from business organization duly recommended by concerned trade organization in Pakistan.
  • Recommendation letter by the honorary investment counsellor of BOI/Commercial Attache.
  • Photograph
  • Copy of Passport

For more information, contact Insta Global Visa

The stay validity of a Tourist visa (Single-entry) and for a Business (individual/family) visa (Single-entry) is the same, i.e., 30 days from the date of entry.

7 to 10 working days are the visa processing time for a Tourist visa, and 24-48 working hours is the visa processing time for a Business (individual/family) visa. Apply for the visa on Insta Global Visa and receive your visa on time.

With Insta Global Visa, applying for a Pakistan Visa is a convenient and seamless experience. Learn and apply for your Pakistan visa online by reaching us through 24x7 chat options or email us at

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