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Travel Guide

Kuwait is a country attached to the Persian Gulf, and it is the jewel of the Middle East. Its famous places portray a rich heritage with a blend of modern architecture. Skyscrapers, the iconic Kuwait Towers, and the very popular Water Towers showcase Kuwait’s architectural brilliance. The ideal time to be here is between (November to April). Apply Kuwait Visa to get into this beautiful emirate.

The Beach line of the country is scenic and full of fun-loving activities. Surfing, swimming, parasailing, speed boat rides and cruises are some of the loved things to do in Kuwait. Iconic towers have one of the most breathtaking revolving restaurants in the Gulf. Water Towers are known to create highlights on Instagram reels.

You can obtain a Kuwait Visa online by reaching out at Insta Global Visa. As a result of not being as commercialized as its neighbours, Kuwait offers truly authentic Arab hospitality. After the Iraqi war and gaining independence,Kuwait has emerged as a peaceful and prosperous nation with allies worldwide. The country has won the hearts of millions of travellers who enjoy raw and uncut Arabian traditions and culture.

Kuwaiti festivals revolve around the Islamic religion and its beliefs. The country is punctuated with fine museums, galleries of art and science and glittery souqs. Visitors can steal the Arabian essence from a nearby island by cruising or sailing.The corniches of the country are vibrant with clean walkways and authentic seafood restaurants.

Things to Do in
Museum Muse

Kuwait is sprinkled with off-beat conceptual museums like Tarek Rajab Museum, Mirror House and Kuwait National Museum. Experience how mirrors can be shaped into a galaxy on earth while exploring historical gems like scriptures, and silver fork jewellery. Relearn the era of the Iraqi invasion through a panorama of events displayed at museums. Explore how the country had set itself free from the invasion cages and stood apart from the rest of the Gulf.

Shopping spree

Souq Al-Mubaraqiya is one of the oldest and most happening shopping dens in the country. You can spend endless hours here while you shop for traditional Arabian merchandise. Uncover handmade crafts that are fashioned for the global market with help of traditional methods even today. Steal the delight to visit two mini museums here- Sheikh Mubarak Kiosk and Kuwait Islamic pharmacy. Relish traditional Kuwaiti food at this place.

Safari splendour

Do not forget to indulge in high adrenaline activities like desert safari. These seasonal engagements can be enjoyed from October to March. Local operators provide professional and fun-filled tours along with quad biking and dune bashing. Evenings are a fantastic time for cultural programs and Kuwaiti food sprees. You can enjoy a night under the stars in a Bedouin tent. Experience age-old stories of forefathers and go with the flow of the Arabian night.

City spectacle

Enjoy the endless bliss of the city from the top of the Kuwaiti Towers. Go beyond the waters of the Persian Gulf by making space for yourself on the viewing spot, The Discovery Sphere. Enjoy world-class cuisine at the revolving restaurants and steal a sweet Arabian delight. It is quite a delight to enjoy this place with family and friends. Discover borders of the country at the most iconic place in the country. The three towers are famed for incredible architecture.

Kuwait Facts and Figures
Kuwait Facts and Figures
Name: State of Kuwait
Airline: Jazeera Airways, Kuwait Airways
Time: GMT +3
Capital: Kuwait City
National Day: 25 February
Currency: Kuwaiti Dinar
Language: Arabic, English, Farsi, Urdu
Location: Northwestern corner of the Persian Gulf
Total Area: 17,818 Km sq
Major Cities: Kuwait City, Mangaf, Al Jahra, Hawally
Population: 42,70,000
International Airports: Kuwait International (KWI)
About Kuwait & My avenues to exploring Kuwait

By getting a Kuwait Visa, you can explore an exciting mix of traditional Islamic culture and western liberalism. Kuwait is home to picturesque mosquesand royal palaces. Religion has a significant role in the daily aspects oflife. The heart of Kuwait is the capital, Kuwait City, a metropolitan withhigh-rise buildings and luxury hotels. Besides being blessed with oil wealth,Kuwait boasts sophisticated Arabic hospitality, deserts, serene beaches, andmouth-watering food. It is not as commercialized as its other Middle Easterncounterparts. The country fought alone to get itself free from the Iraqi invasion that bouldered it to a great downfall. Today, the country is a fine example of peace and harmony. Kuwait is one of those very few countries where urbanization has not affected its culture, history, traditions and beliefs. The major contribution to the economy is through its oil resources. Apply Kuwait Visa to enter this oasis of peace.

Kuwait City

Kuwait City has a lot of diverse offerings; some of its architectural wonders include the Kuwait Towers and the massive Grand Mosque. Situated in the heart of Kuwait and on the shore of Kuwait Bay, you can get Kuwait Visa online to visit the markets, mosques, cafes, restaurants, parks, and museums. The shoreline of the city displays classic avenues to indulge. You will find loads of architectural wonders in the city that make the stylish skyline.


Hawalli has mixed demography of Syrians, Iraqis, Pakistani, Lebanese, Indian, and Egyptians. Located in the Persian Gulf, this is supposedly Kuwait’s most beautiful destination and can be reached by obtaining a Kuwait visit visa. The city is one of the most important governates of the State of Kuwait. Situated in the eastern part of the country, the city is unapologetically beautiful adding grace to the country.

Kubbar Island

Often quoted as the Ibiza of Kuwait, Kubbar Island is in the Persian Gulf and is located 30-kilometres from the southern tip of Kuwait. Surrounded by clear waters, apply Kuwait Visa to revel in the sandy beaches for hip parties. The island is decorated with desert shrubs. So it is the not-so-peculiar island you might come across. Kubbar Island is a scuba divers paradise as it blessed with unique reefs.


A well-known city in this Middle Eastern country, Salwa, is sandwiched between Rumaithiya and Messila. You can opt for Kuwait Visa online to visit this multicultural hub that offers excellent shopping opportunities.Considered one of the most important cities in Kuwait, Salwa has stylish residencies and 5-star hotels to its kitty. The region rests with world-class restaurants, shopping centres, private American and British schools along with government-owned pharmacies.


The city is one of the melting pots of cultures in Kuwait. The Indo-Pak communal harmony is prevalent here. Dotted with shopping centres, malls, entertainment zones and cinema halls, the city is a home away from home. Ras Al Ard is one of the most visited water parks here. The place carries the biggest aquarium in the Gulf here. A pyramid-shaped mosque here attracts thousands of pilgrims and visitors.

Types of Visa
  • Kuwait – eVisa (Single Entry) is recommended for visitors who plan to have a short stay of up to 30 days in Kuwait. Kuwait Visa comes with a validity of 30 days from the date of the issue and has a stay validity of 30 days from entry. Kuwait e-Visa has a processing time of 48-72 working hours, and the Kuwait e-Visa fee sums up to $69.
Documents Required

The required documents for Kuwait Visit Visa include:

  1. A clear front-facing photo of the applicant.
  2. A clear copy of your passport with 6-month remaining validity. You can procure your Kuwait sticker visa by reaching out to us at .
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Kuwait Visa Rules
  • Residents of GCC can apply for Kuwait Visa online if they are residents of one of the GCC countries.
  • GCC residency must exceed the six-month validity while they apply for a Kuwait Visa.
  • A copy of the Sponsor’s GCC residence must be sent along with the e-Visa application for all the dependants (which may include – spouse, children, domestic labour, etc).
  • The presence of the main applicant with the dependants is mandatory upon their arrival to Kuwait to get a Kuwait Visit Visa.
  • A visa fee of 3 KD may be imposed after procuring a visa at the border entry point.
  • The passport must be valid for over 6 months while applying for an e-Visa.
  • There shouldn’t be any security restrictions on the applicant which might prevent them from entering or exiting the country.
  • The e-Visa will be considered invalid if there are discrepancies between the information provided and the original documents.
  • Any visitor who overstays is liable to fines and legal accountability. It might also disqualify the person to procure a Kuwait visa in the future.
Frequently Asked Questions
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The Kuwait Visa comes with a validity of 90 days which means any visitor can stay up to 90 days on a Kuwait Visa.
Visitors can apply for a month’s extension of the Kuwait online Visa. They will need to submit an application to the Immigration Department before the expiry of their Visa.
A fine is generated and you cannot leave the country if you fail to pay the fine. The overstay fine needs to be paid at the Immigration Department at Shuwaikh.
If you are a B1 or B2 holder, you are allowed to extend your tourist Visa. The time granted for a B visa holder is up to 6 months.
After cancellation, you are given one month’s temporary Visa to wind up and leave Kuwait.
Kuwait Visa Covid-19 Update
  • e-visa is now applicable to fully vaccinated travellers.
  • Fully vaccinated travellers are allowed to enter Kuwait without undergoing on-arrival PCR testing.
  • If more than 9 months have passed after the second dose, Kuwait does not consider them as fully-vaccinated, and must take the third dose.
  • Unvaccinated travellers must produce a PCR report taken 72 hours before their flight to Kuwait.
  • Wearing face masks is not mandatory, but it is compulsory to wear one in public spaces like shopping malls or restaurants. Failure of abiding by these guidelines might attract a penalty of 5000 KD or a prison sentence of 3 month

Your Kuwait visit can be one of the best. Proper guidance and updated information enable you to have a relaxed journey. Insta Global Visa is a top-rated visa service provider eager to help those who are seeking Kuwait Visa online. Apply for Kuwait Visa online by reaching us through 24×7 chat options or email us at