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Kenya Travel Guide

Welcome to the land of Kenya where the world's most celebrated predators survive and thrive mercilessly. Grab your online Kenya visa now and catch nature in power-packed action. Infuse and blend with the ancient African tribal culture. And witness the thumping of migratory herds of lavish species. Kenya showcases the survival of the fittest unapologetically.

The best time to visit Kenya is from July to September. If you wish to see the land of striking emerald vegetation, apply for a Kenya visa accordingly. The region of the African sub-continent is a cynosure for naturists, wildlife photographers, documentarians, tourists and curious gazers.

The Republic of Kenya offers single-entry travel permits for visitors and transit travellers. Many who wish to witness and record the Great Migration of wildebeests and zebras plan their trip by getting a Kenya evisa in advance. Your close encounter with the Big Five will sweep you off your feet- the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, and black & white rhinos.

You can live the most spectacular natural canvas of Mt. Kilimanjaro overlooking the endless savannahs with their inhabitants only through a Kenya travel permit. The country flaunts nature stays, tribal amalgam, the fusion of African and world-famous cuisines and audacious experiences to give you a chilling slice of its charismatic wilderness.

Things to Do in Kenya
The wildland gets tricky when you approach the core areas of the bestial. As you are out and open in the battleground of the wild, you can make choices of some of the best activities that are exceptionally immersive and high on your adrenaline. -
Hot-Air Balloon ride

Capture that amazing sunrise and hop onto the basket waiting for you to hover over the great migration of wild beasts. Such rides give you a wide angle to capture animals in action on the multi-hued pastures decorated with freshwater riverine. Groups, solos, families and friends have oodles of worth to store in such activities.

Forest Safaris

Forest rangers guide you through exciting living grounds of the Kenyan fauna. Many national parks, conservatories, rehab centres and vet chambers offer deep understanding and learning of the endangered and unique species that flourish in massive herds. Day and night safaris are always in high demand.

Cultural Tours

Explore intriguing African tribes that brim in the middle of the dark nest. Such tours give a deep insight into the living styles, beliefs, and customs of the African tribes carrying rich traditions from the by-gone eras. They offer stays and welcome meals to tourists as a part of African hospitality.

Marine Exploration

The Kenyan Barrier Reef is the world's second-longest coral reef. Bask on the African shore or dive into the emerald world to unveil beauty at its best beneath the ground. Diving, snorkelling and fishing will keep you and your loved ones busy with the water creatures as you explore the coral wilderness.

Kenya Facts and Figures
Kenya Facts and Figures
Name : The Republic of Kenya
Location : East Africa
Time : GMT + 3
Capital : Nairobi
Major cities : Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu
Language : Swahili, English, French
Area : 610,000 km2
Population : 48,952,000
National day : 12th December
Currency : Kenyan Shilling
Main Airline : Kenya Airways
International Airports : Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Kisumu International Airport, Eldoret International Airport
About Kenya & My avenues to exploring Kenya
Officially named the Republic of Kenya, the wildland maintains its stance in the Eastern region of Africa. The capital city of Nairobi thrives with modern African culture wrapped in rich customs and traditions. The city offers impressive budget stays. It is also a central tourist hub with multiple variants for city tours, safaris, nature stays and camping in forest areas. The country boasts about being the 29th most populous in the world. One of the oldest and second-largest cities is Mombasa. The earliest inhabitants on the land were hunters. Today, African tribes are open and welcoming to the world, educating them about their origin, beliefs and sentiments. The country comes with a massive platter of mind-blowing avenues to uncover nature's secret to survival. Watch the pyramid of nature in full action at the following places...

The capital queen of Kenya loaded with romantic experiences, flavoured with raw and natural essence greets Nairobi visitors carrying a Kenya online visa. National Museum, Railway centre, Giraffe Centre, David Sheldrick Trust Elephant Orphan Centre and many such animal care centres continue to lure travellers from around the globe. Nairobi is the only destination in the world to offer a safari park within its limits. Watch actions and reactions of the undomesticated inhabitants in the meanders of the stretch at Nairobi National Park.


Dwell in the world's second-largest volcanic crater, Menangai Volcanic crater. Nakuru Lake rests with personified beauty. Many migratory wings with natural colors of elegance and charm prosper here during their breeding seasons. After a nearby endeavour at Masai Mara, Nakuru will serve as a much-needed spot to relax and unwind for a while. The place is one of the fastest-growing spots in Arica. So your stay and vacation is well taken care of in this African nest. It is a great base for hiking, exploration and excursions in the vicinity.


The province rests on the banks of River Ewaso Ng'iro. With abundant natural beauty and breathtaking vistas to its profile, Samburu is cuddled between two major soaring peaks- Olokwe and Koigator. Shaba National Reserve, The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary offer incredible tours, camping and safaris. Eco-tours and sporting camps are some of the most sought happenings in this province. Grab your easy online Kenya visa and have an interesting encounter with many four-legged wonders like elephants, antelopes, leopards, lions, zebras, oryxes and giraffes.


Be a part of a hypnotising natural beauty and upcoming African modernity at Eldoret. With a kiss of French atmosphere and patios, Eldoret never makes you miss the French wineries. Visitors enjoy the modern amenities and lodging facilities with a decent ambience. Stock up varieties of cheese by visiting Doinyo Lessos Creameries Cheese Factory. River Sosiani flows through this beauty in disguise that was once home to Masai, Nandi and Sirikwa tribes. Do not forget to pick your lenses while you head to this upcoming tourist city in Kenya.


If any African city is a beach charmer, it is Mombasa. Enjoy camel rides along the shores of the Indian Ocean with your loved ones and find yourself in a multi-hued trance. You will be left amazed by ancient African culture and history in the oldest city of Kenya. Do not forget to apply for an online Kenya visa to uncover black mysteries in Mombasa. Mombasa Marine National Park, Shimba Hills National Reserve, Tsavo National Park are some of the golden feathers in the African hat that rest on the land of Kenya. Discover rare species in the dense tropical rainforests of Mombasa.

Types of Kenya Visa

We can only explore the land of boundless meadows when we pocket a travel permit to the Kenyan land. Safaris, nature walks, conservatories and animal rehab centres have paved the way for mass tourism. A handy Kenya evisa ensures an easy and fun-filled African sabbatical.

Kenya offers two types of visas:
  • Kenya Transit visa (Single-entry)- Travellers worldwide stop by Kenya, where nature is always power-packed in action. Many provide voluntary services from the world over to keep endangered species of flora and fauna here. A Kenya Transit visa is your pick if you wish for a quick sneak into this beautiful world. This online permit has a stay validity of 72 hours. The life of the electronic visa is for 90 days from the issue date. Visitors transiting through Kenya avail of a single entry with this visa. Procure this permit within 12-14 working hours at Insta Global Visa.
  • Kenya Visit visa (Single Entry) - If you dream of taking zooms of untamed and uncut fauna amidst vibrant Kenyan tribes back home, an online Kenya visit visa with a single entry will work best for you. The travel permit gives you a substantial stay of 90 days with a visa life of 90 days. Documentarians, naturists, veterinarians, wildlife photographers, historians, literaturists, wildlife bloggers and vast teams of wildlife and African culture channels thrive in Kenya with the help of a Kenya visit visa. Apart from all these segments, Kenya is a huge wedding destination for couples looking for an offbeat experience.
Documents required to apply for a Kenya visa online

An applicant must possess the following while applying for a Kenya visa:-

  • A valid passport (minimum validity of 6 months)
  • A passport-size photograph with a clear background

(Note: Travellers are mandated to travel with Travel Insurance. Applicants can avail of Travel Insurance while applying for a visa at Insta Global Visa.)

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Kenya Visa Rules
Those wishing to apply for a Kenya visa must check the following visa rules before applying.
  1. The Government of Kenya offers a single-entry visa to travellers approaching the country for tourism, medical or other purposes.
  2. Applicants applying for a Kenya visa should hold a passport with a validity of 6 months.
  3. A return ticket is a must for every applicant seeking a Kenya visa.
  4. Your visa extension is conditionally possible.
  5. A passport-size photograph
  6. The photograph should be as per the photograph guidelines laid down by the authority of Kenya.
  7. For business, the applicant must possess:
  8. Invitation letters from the company
  9. Copies of registration of the company
  10. Return air ticket
  11. For tourists
  12. Travel itinerary (Details about the place of visit)
  13. Hotel Bookings
  14. Return air ticket
  15. For family visits:
  16. Invitation letter from the family
  17. Identity Card/Passport/ Entry permit of the host
  18. Return air ticket.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can we help you? You can browse what you looking for.

→ If you are eligible for an online Kenya visa and gain one through Insta Global Visa, you only need to carry a printout of the same and produce it at the Immigration. If you seek guidance on the Kenya Sticker visa, reach our visa experts at

→ Kenya has constantly been working on its developments and rules, and regulations. Travellers find it a safe place to discover nature at its best. Visitors find city tours and hotel stays safe and hygienic. Locals and tribes are warm and welcoming.

→ Yes. If you exit the airport to visit the city during transit, you need to have a Kenya Transit Visa. Travellers can quickly gain by applying online from anywhere. Secure a transit visa online and discover the capital of Kenya.

→ You will be glad to know that strict data compliance policies and guidelines power Insta Global Visa. Any resource on any information collected can perform no unauthorised access. You can visit our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions placed at the end of this page. Still, doubts hovering over your mind? Reach us at

→ Yes. You are eligible to apply for a Kenya visa online. Choose your details at the top of this page and click on the 'Apply now' tab.

  • Travellers should carry proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative PCR test result.
  • Travellers must fill out the " Travellers Health Surveillance Form."
  • COVID-19 vaccines approved by the World Health Organisation are accepted.
  • A medical certificate with proof of recovery is also accepted. Issuing the certificate should be between 10 to 180 days before arrival.
  • Passengers below the age of 5 do not require a test before travel.
  • Passengers do not have to quarantine as long as they.
  • Their body temperature is not above 37.5 degrees centigrade.
  • Do not have flu symptoms, breathing difficulty or persistent cough.

Kenya is one of the top tourist destinations on the planet. Warm locals and developing scenarios have put the country on the global tourism front. African tribes retain the rich culture, customs and traditions for the world to discover. Heavy protection of endangered species and rehab centres are inspirational to experience. Get your online Kenya visa now and live an eccentric feat.