Frequently Asked Questions
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All COVID-19-related restrictions, including PCR testing and vaccination certificates, have been lifted. From June 2022 on, you are not required to show proof of vaccination when traveling to Kazakhstan.

Yes, Kazakhstan is considered a family-friendly country. It offers various attractions and activities suitable for families, such as parks, museums, cultural events, and outdoor adventures. Besides, the warm hospitality of the Kazakh people makes Kazakhstan a must-visit destination.

The best places in Kazakhstan for solo travelers include the Botanical Garden, Altyn Emel National Park, the Central Park of Culture and Rest, Esentai Mall, Nurzhoul Boulevard, and the Monument to Khan Kenesary.

The mobile operators in Kazakhstan are Beeline, Kcell, Tele-2, and Altel.

The best time to be in Kazakhstan is spring and fall, especially between April and June and September and October. During these months, the country has pleasant weather, making it ideal for exploring places and engaging in adventurous activities. It's important to know that summers can be scorching, especially in the south, and winters can be freezing, so the shoulder seasons are an excellent time to visit Kazakhstan for good weather.