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Travel Guide

Known as the "Land of Origins," Ethiopia boasts a diverse tapestry of ancient civilizations, stunning natural wonders, and a proud heritage that stretches back thousands of years. With the Ethiopia e-visa, you can explore and experience the hidden gems of the land.

From the towering peaks of the Simien Mountains to the otherworldly landscapes of the Danakil Depression, the country is a haven for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. Ethiopia is also home to the mighty Blue Nile Falls, cascading with awe-inspiring power, and the serene beauty of Lake Tana, dotted with ancient monasteries.

The country is replete with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, carved into the rugged mountains, and the ancient ruins of Aksum, where the Ark of the Covenant is believed to reside. Each step through Ethiopia's storied past reveals ancient civilizations, legendary empires, and the enduring legacy of Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity.

You'll encounter warm hospitality and a vibrant cultural tapestry as you traverse this enchanting land. With their diverse languages, traditions, and vibrant festivals, immerse yourself in Ethiopia's rich heritage. The best time to be in Ethiopia is from October to June, the dry season.

Things to Do in

Ethiopia delivers an unforgettable journey of discovery, whether you choose to wander around the vibrant markets of Addis Abeba, travel through the stunning landscapes, or delve into the history that echoes through its ancient ruins. So get your Ethiopia visa online now and get ready to be fascinated by its rich history and natural wonders.

Trek in the Simien Mountains

The Simien Mountains National Park offers breathtaking landscapes, dramatic cliffs, and unique wildlife. It's an ideal destination for hiking and trekking, with stunning viewpoints and the chance to spot animals like the Ethiopian wolf and gelada baboons. The deep ravines, gorges, and endemic wildlife make the mountains a must-visit spot.

White-water Rafting on the Omo River

It offers exciting white-water rafting opportunities. The river cuts through beautiful canyons and provides a mix of rapids, depending on the season and water level. You can experience the thrill of navigating challenging rapids while enjoying the scenic landscapes. Besides, you can also experience the warm hospitality and soak in the indigenous culture of the tribals here.

Rock Climbing in Tigray

The region is known for its impressive rock formations, which offer thrilling opportunities for rock climbing enthusiasts. The rugged cliffs and ancient rock-hewn churches create a unique backdrop for adventurous climbing experiences. Popular climbing destinations include the cliffs near Abuna Yemata Guh and the Gheralta Mountains. The monolithic church in Gheralta mountain is a much-photographed church of St. George.

Mountain Biking in the Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley provides a picturesque setting for mountain biking enthusiasts. With its varied terrain and scenic landscapes, you can embark on thrilling biking adventures through the countryside, passing by rural villages, lakes, and stunning viewpoints. Explore birdwatching at Lake Awassa, fishing in Lake Ziway, trekking to Lake Abaya, or crocodile viewing at Lake Chamo nearby.

Laos Facts and Figures
Ethiopia Facts and Figures
Name : Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Location: Northeastern part of Africa,
Time : +3 hrs GMT
Capital : Addis Ababa
Major cities : Addis Ababa (the capital), Dire Dawa, Mekelle, Adama, Bahir Dar
Language : Afar, Amharic, Oromo, Somali, Tigrinya
Area : 1,104,300 sq km
Population : 113.6 million
National day : May 28th
Currency : Ethiopian Birr (ETB)
Main Airline: Ethiopian Airlines
International Airports: Bole International Airport, Dire Dawa International Airport, Bahir Dar Airport
About Ethiopia and My Avenues To Exploring Ethiopia
Ethiopia is the largest and most populated city in Africa. It shares its borders with Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, and Kenya. The famous rivers include Blue Nile/Abbay, which is 1450 km long and joins White Nile at Khartoum. The country is multiethnic and multicultural, with over 80+ languages and 200+ dialects.
At the heart of Ethiopia lies Addis Ababa, the bustling capital city that serves as a gateway to this remarkable nation. As you explore its streets, you'll be immersed in a vibrant blend of traditional Ethiopian architecture, modern infrastructure, and a lively atmosphere. Addis Ababa is a thriving metropolis and a melting pot of diverse ethnicities, languages, and cultural traditions, offering a glimpse into the country's multicultural fabric.
Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, a vibrant and dynamic metropolis, is the capital city of Ethiopia. Also called "the political capital of Africa," it serves as the headquarters for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the African Union. Addis Ababa offers a mix of modern amenities and traditional Ethiopian culture. The city boasts numerous museums, including the National Museum, where the famous fossil remains of Lucy are housed. Visitors can explore the bustling Mercato, one of Africa's largest markets, and enjoy the diverse culinary scene, which showcases traditional Ethiopian dishes alongside international cuisines.


The town is famous for its rock-hewn churches. These remarkable structures were carved out of solid rock in the 12th century and are considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. Lalibela is an important pilgrimage site for Ethiopian Orthodox Christians and attracts visitors worldwide. The churches' intricate architecture and religious symbolism, such as the iconic Church of St. George, leave visitors in awe of the remarkable craftsmanship and spiritual atmosphere.


Axum, situated in the Tigray region, is an ancient city with a rich historical heritage. It was once the capital of the Aksumite Empire which is one of the most prominent civilizations of the ancient world. The city is known for its impressive obelisks, including the towering Obelisk of Axum, a testament to the ancient kingdom's grandeur. Axum is also believed to be the final resting place of the biblical Ark of the Covenant. The ruins of ancient palaces, archaeological sites, and St. Mary of Zion Church further add to the city's historical significance and allure.


Gondar, often called the "Camelot of Africa," is renowned for its medieval castles and royal heritage. It is home to impressive fortress-like structures known as the Fasil Ghebbi. This UNESCO World Heritage site encompasses a complex of castles, palaces, and churches, including the famous Fasilides Castle. Gondar's architecture showcases a blend of Ethiopian, Arab, and European influences, making it a captivating destination for history enthusiasts.


Harar is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Harar's old town, known as Jegol, enclosed within ancient walls, offers a maze of narrow alleyways lined with colorful houses and bustling markets. The city is renowned for its unique cultural heritage, including the practice of feeding hyenas, which has become a fascinating spectacle for visitors. Harar is also famous for its traditional handicrafts, vibrant festivals, and the rich cultural traditions of its predominantly Muslim population.

Types of Visa

You can apply for an Ethiopia visa for your tourism-related trips. You can decide the type of visa you want according to the duration of your visit. The Ethiopia e-visa lets you enter and travel within the country. You can get your visa through InstaGlobalVisa, where the processing time is usually 24-48 working hours. A single-entry visa means you can enter and exit the country only once.

Tourist 30 days eVisa- Single entry:
This e-visa has 90 days validity from the issue date and a stay validity of 30 days from your arrival date.

Tourist 90 days eVisa- Single entry:
This e-visa has 90 days of validity from the issue date and a stay validity of 90 days from your arrival date.

Requirements for Ethiopia Visa Online
Here's what you need for the e-visa:
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the departure date.
  • Passport size photos- Passport-size pictures (35×45 mm and with a white background). The uploaded visa picture must be in JPEG, PNG, JPG, GIF, or BMP format with a maximum size of 2MB.
  • 1 Blank Passport Page.
  • If going from a place where yellow fever transmission is possible, bring your World Health Organisation (WHO) card and proof of yellow fever vaccine.
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Ethiopia Visa Rules

Those wishing to apply for an Ethiopia visa must check the following visa rules before applying.

  1. All areas of Ethiopia except for the Afar and Somali regions should be avoided if traveling from a nation where yellow fever transmission is dangerous. A yellow fever certificate is also advised.
  2. Travelers must carry travel insurance while applying for an Ethiopia visa online.
  3. The applicant must not show any criminal record.
  4. CURRENCY RESTRICTIONS FOR ENTRY: 1,000 ETB for all travelers; 1000 USD or other foreign currency equivalent if the person resides in Ethiopia; 3,000 USD or other foreign currency equivalent if a person is not living in Ethiopia. Excess currency may be confiscated.
  5. CURRENCY RESTRICTIONS FOR EXIT: 1,000 ETB (4,000 ETB if going to Djibouti) and 3,000 USD or the equivalent in another foreign currency.
Frequently Asked Questions
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We provide easy and quick visa processing to make your travelling hassle-free. Also, our website is SSL-encrypted, ensuring your privacy and secure payment.

You can visit offbeat places such as Bale Mountains National Park, Arba Minch, Danakil Depression, Tigray Region, etc.

Tourist single-entry visas have a validity of 90 days from the issue date. The stay validity depends on your type of visa.

An Ethiopia electronic visa is necessary to enter and travel within the country. Carry a printout throughout your travel.

Many locals can speak and understand English, but not everyone knows the language.

Ethiopia Visa Rules Covid-19 Update

For travelers who can demonstrate that they have gotten at least 2 doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, 1 dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or that they have recovered from COVID-19 within the last 90 days, a COVID-19 test is no longer necessary.

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