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Travel Guide

Bulgaria is an extraordinary country at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. With a rich heritage of traditional music, dance, and crafts, it attracts tourists year long. Those planning to visit the land can apply for a Bulgaria visa instantly. With a rugged mountainous area, the place offers nothing but the best.

The best time to be in Bulgaria is between June and August. The country showcases a unique mix of Eastern and Western cultures, evident in its cuisine, architecture, and religious heritage. Roses, yoghurts, and hot springs all give a sneak peek into the place's age-old traditions.

Home to wonderful coastlines, towering mountains, waterfalls, and scenic views, the land will mesmerize you and take over your senses. Eastern Europe's diamond in the rough caters to every traveler's need in one go. Countless ancient ruins and imposing fortresses give a constant reminder of Bulgaria's distinct narrative. With a Bulgaria visa online, encounter the country's diverse backdrops that speak about the place's majesty.

From the pine-clad ski resorts to the glistening sun-kissed beaches, this "off the beaten track" country can make you fall in love in a wink. The quaint towns and fascinating cities add to its culture and give enthralling experiences to visitors. Use a Bulgaria visit visa to create a memory that lasts forever.

Things to Do in
Adorned with relics and remnants of Roman civilization, Bulgaria is one of the choicest destinations that need to be explored and enjoyed. As such, the country offers a myriad of activities that fascinates every tourist. Indulge in the best of these activities and live the Bulgarian experience.

Enjoy beautiful days of Kayaking in Bulgaria. Traveling through the canopied waterways, witness the picturesque scenery all around you. Let nature do the talking and immerse you in the magical surroundings of the place. Choose Adorned with relics and remnants of Roman civilization, Bulgaria is one of the choicest destinations that need to be explored and enjoyed.


Bulgaria boasts of several places that possess favorable conditions for paragliding. This recreational activity is enough to make you go head over heels for the country's landscape. If you have adventure and excitement running in your veins, enjoy one of Bulgaria's most loved water activities through the Bulgaria visa.


If you do not know what to do in winter in Bulgaria, then head toward skiing sites. With the most extended skiing season, the country is an ideal place to relish the much-loved activity. You can use Ski rentals that remain available near ski runs and life stations all through. For thrill-seekers and adventure buffs, skiing is a must here.

Horse Riding

Explore numerous locations in Bulgaria on horseback and witness the adrenalin rush all through your body. A fun sport, it gives a glimpse of the never-ending evergreen forests, vast plains, and spectacular mountain ranges. Grab a Bulgaria visa to enjoy the activity that has been Bulgaria's favourite for a long time.

Bulgaria Facts and Figures
Bulgaria Facts and Figures
Name : The Republic of Bulgaria
Location : Southeast Europe
Time : UTC+2
Capital : Sofia
Major cities : Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna
Language : Bulgarian
Area : 110,993.6 km2
Population : 6,863,422
National day : March 3
Currency : Lev (BGN)
Main Airline : Bulgaria Air
International Airports : Sofia Airport
About Bulgaria & My avenues To Exploring Bulgaria.
Encompassing the Black Sea Coastline, mountainous interiors, and rivers, Bulgaria is a magnificent country tucked in the Balkan Mountains. You can enjoy this cultural melting pot through a Bulgaria visa. The country has Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian influences, greatly evident in culture and traditions. Huge national parks, picturesque mountains, and swathes of sandy beaches remain ever-ready to be discovered by the beholders. The soul-stirring mountains rival golden beaches, while cities dance on the humming of nightlife and exotic arts. Within the realms of the country, a concoction of nature and history guarantees unforgettable adventures. Head to Bulgaria's coast or the ski resorts to avoid missing something special. The place has it all, from spectacular sightseeing options to prominent thrilling places. Relish in these places that are a must-visit while availing Bulgaria Visa Online facility.

The vibrant capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is a lively place, abundant with arts, history, and scrumptious cuisines. Adorned with remarkable churches and museums, it is an inexpensive destination for travelers. Have a truly immersive experience by joining the locals at a Chalga club. The city finds itself surrounded by sprawling parkland that further adds charm to its beauty. A ruin-rich city, Sofia boasts of being one of the oldest cities in Europe. With truly electrifying light, the dynamism of the town is unparalleled.


Situated on the shore of the Maritsa River, Plovdiv is one of the most attractive Bulgarian places. Dipping in history will leave an ever-lasting impact that you can relish through a Bulgaria visa. The location is a renowned tourist destination that serves as a getaway to other points of interest. Be a part of the Plovdiv International Fair and get soaked in the vibrant colors of the escapade. A thriving cultural hub, Plovdiv has a unique persona that is hard to resist.


Lovingly known as the Pearl of the Black Sea, Varna is a great place to spend your vacation and explore the untouched beauty. The city is an amalgamation of beach life, luscious cuisines, and large-scale festivals. A splendid cosmopolitan town, it is a beautiful mixture of modernity and traditionalism. Varna serves as a melting pot of leisure and exoticism that you can explore through a Bulgaria visit visa. A port city, it is blessed with great history running in people's veins.


Burgas or Bourgas is a lively, well-kept city with a pedestrianized center and long uncrowded beach. The town is a bedrock of spectacular nightlife with great restaurants and outdoor cafes. With a convenient location and plethora of good connections, Burgas offers some of the best trips. With Bulgaria e-visa, you can see each facade of the precious land that lends nothing but the best. A mysterious city steeped in pirate legends has many stories to share with those who wish to listen.


The largest port on the Danube River, Russe, is one of the most intriguing places in Bulgaria. Take a stroll on the long path along the river and discover some of the most impressive sand sculptures. Often called the little Vienna, Russe spoils every traveler when it comes to tourism opportunities. Soak in the splendour of this city through a Brazil sticker visa. Whether you are a gastronome, beach bum, or history buff, the city offers something to each one of you.

Types of Visa

Exploring the land of robust and thrilling experiences requires a visa provided by a competent authority.

One can apply for Bulgaria Visa for tourism through Insta Global Visa.

1. Business Sticker visa
2. Family Stricker visa
3. Tourist Sticker visa

All the above visas allow visitors to enter or exit the country once.

Each visa type's visa and stay validity depends on the embassy or the immigration.

The applicants can also apply for Bulgaria visit visas at Insta Global Visa. Also, other nationals can reach our chat support team to learn about the Bulgaria e-visa.

Note: The processing time for a Business and Tourist visa is 15 working days, whereas it is 20 business days for Family visit visas.

Requirements for Bulgaria visa online

The visitor can acquire these visas as per their nationality or country of origin. Experience Bulgarian culture or have some recreational activities to perform with a travel permit that can be availed of at any time. Following are some of the documents required for a visa application for Bulgaria:

  • Copy of the passport with a minimum of six months' validity
  • Two recently taken photographs.
  • Mandatory Travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage.

(Before you apply for a Bulgaria visa, ensure that you have Travel Insurance as mandated by the government. You can avail of this service through Insta Global Visa)

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Bulgaria Visa Rules
Those wishing to apply for a Bulgaria Sticker visa must check the following visa rules before applying:
  1. The applicants can enter the Republic of Bulgaria if they hold a regular foreign travel document or another equivalent document or visa.
  2. The applicant's passport must have at least two blank visa pages.
  3. Visa applications for minors or judicially disabled persons should be submitted by their legal representatives or those expressly authorized to do so.
  4. Visa applications for under-aged persons or persons with limited judicial disability should be submitted by their legal representatives, trustees, or authorized persons.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Yes, Bulgaria is one of the world’s safest and most family-friendly tourist destinations.

A tourist visa is ideal if you have some recreational purpose to perform in Bulgaria.

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory to travel to Bulgaria. You can apply for the same through our portal.

You can apply for a Single-entry Business sticker visa to suit your purpose.

The processing time for the sticker visa of Bulgaria is dependent on the type of visa chosen.

Bulgaria Visa Covid-19 Update

Before applying for a Bulgaria visa , the applicants need to understand the following rules:-

  • As of May 1, 2022, Bulgaria has lifted all covid-19 entry restrictions.
  • Travelers arriving in the country no longer need to provide covid-19 related documents.
  • Although Bulgaria does not require a covid test, travelers transiting from the country must keep the covid papers mandated by the neighboring destination country.

Grabbing a Bulgaria Sticker visa is an easy and a relaxing experience with Insta Global Visa. Having catered to the needs of innumerable visa applicants from different nationalities, we understand your queries and concerns for the same. Learn and apply for your Bulgaria visa online by reaching us through 24x7 chat options or email us at

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