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Travel Guide

Forming a large triangle on the eastern side of South America, Brazil is a land of dreams. Home to varied landscapes, scintillating beauty, and stunning wilderness, it propels everyone to step up and apply for Brazil visa. With imposing waterfalls and gigantic Amazon rainforest, the country has more stars on its badge than most countries.

With the long carnival of varied climatic conditions, the best time to visit Brazil is between November and March. Exploring and blending in the country's culture becomes easier with a Brazil visa. The place has a distinct vibe of its own that is hard to overlook.

Get on and enjoy each facade of the mesmerizing land that offers the finest on the platter. Without the dearth of places to lay hands-on in Brazil, the charming sites can't be covered in one go. The land spoils adventure-hungry travelers by offering many activities and thrilling experiences that remain etched in mind. A luminary of spectacular spots, Brazil stores the best for all.

If one is not already captivated by the lush scenery and rich biodiversity, they will be hooked up with the Brazilian culture. There flows energy and love of life that will make you want to stay in the country forever. Make use of a Brazil visit visa to create a lifetime memory.

Things to Do in
To dip in the cacophony of music, dance, entertainment, and merriment head toward Brazil and become part of the infectious land forever. As you relax in the arresting beauty of the place, make sure that you equally devote your time indulging in certain activities.

With a stretching coastline and remarkably striking beaches, the surfer culture in Brazil is one of the most enticing activities. Jump on the wave, hold on to the ocean, glide past unique marine animals, and experience one of the most extreme water activities in the country through Brazil e-visa. njoy your Brazil itinerary by including this high adrenaline activity on Day 1.


Whether you're looking forward to a one-day mountain hike or a week-long trek, Brazil has it all. Exploring the country on foot is a great way to get acquainted with Madre Tierra. Witness volcanic jaunts, beach walks, and mountain trails and get immersed in the rewarding activity. Brazil enjoys a lush stretch of hills and mountains where hikers love to hike in the daytime and camp at night.

Boat Riding

Boat riding is a getaway for those wishing for a refreshing break in Brazil. The water-based leisurely activity will leave you with an enthralling experience like never before. Therapeutic in the real sense, boat riding will relieve your stress. Grab a Brazil visa to get going. To rejuvenate yourself in a comfortable manner, book boat riding tours well in advance.

Rainforest Tours

The Amazon is a guaranteed thrill when it comes to performing activities in Brazil. Filled with crawly critters and wild beasts, a tour in the jungle can boost your adrenalin rush. Walk through muddy treks and hammock beds to further gain insights into the country's beauty. Enjoy educational guided tours that help you study the imperative nature of the Amazon in the world.

Dubai Facts and Figures
Brazil Facts and Figures
Name : Federative Republic of Brazil
Location : South America
Time : UTC-2 to -5 (BRT)
Capital : Brasilia
Major cities : Brasilia, Rio de Janerio, Sao Paulo
Language : Portuguese
Area : 8,515,767km2
Population : 212,688,125
National day : 7th September
Currency : Real
Main Airline : Azul Brazilian Airlines
International Airports : Brasilia International Airport, Rio de Janeiro Galeao Airport, Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport
About Brazil & My avenues To Exploring Brazil.
Located in South America, the Federative Republic of Brazil is the fifth largest country worldwide. With a Brazil visa, explore the coral-fringed Tropical Island, varied ecological systems, and diverse wildlife of the nation. With its powdery white sand beaches and rhythmic metropolises, Brazil tops the list of being one of the most captivating places worldwide. A land of extremes, the people here are high-spirited and spontaneous. There is always time for soccer, Carnival, Sambas, and religious ceremonies. With numerous places to see and ways to wander, Brazil witnesses a massive flock of visitors all year long. The plethora of options present in the country encapsulates every eye that beholds it. From splendid sightseeing to adventurous places, the country has it all. Revel in these places that are a must-visit while availing Brazil Visa Online facility.

A gem of artistic urban planning, Brasilia has a natural vocation for culture. A watershed in the history of town planning, the place's charm speaks for itself. The enchanting scenic beauty and avant-garde architecture make Brasilia a getaway for many tourists globally. The location is hugely known for its lush evergreen parks, giving it the name of a "Green City." Visitors also get an enthralling opportunity to enjoy the place's zoo, which serves as a safe haven for hundreds of animal species.

Rio de Janeiro

A seaside attraction, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited cities in Brazil. With spectacular natural beauty and captivating charm, the land never fails to grab eyeballs. Adorned with peaks, beaches, and tropical forests, Rio serves as a center of leisure that can be enjoyed through a Brazil visa. With the annual Lenten Carnival, the place gets enlivened, bringing in music, balls, and brilliantly costumed dancers. Rio is also relished for its range of activities covering industries, administration, and culture.

Sau Paulo

Home to the largest Arab, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese diasporas, Sau Paulo is Brazil's biggest and richest city. With the ever-growing maze of glass skyscrapers, the place grabs the spotlight instantly. The city's eclectic marble-faced structures indicate the metropolis's characteristic features that visitors can enjoy with Brazil visit visa. The city acts as a lucrative place for visitors to explore the intimidating skyline, vibrant culture, and highly exotic restaurants. For shopping freaks, a variety of options are available that they can relish.


Also known as "llha da Magia" (the Magic Island), Florianopolis is a Brazilian metropolis that is simply bedazzling. Informally known as Brazil's party capital, the city has splendid glamour. The subtle charm that it showcases comes from the fables making their way straight out from the mystical island. With Brazil e-visa, enjoy the thriving destination- perfect for beach vacations, surfing, hiking trails, and overtly luscious seafood cuisines. With large shopping malls, high-end restaurants, and fantastic nightlife, Florianopolis caters to every traveler's needs.


Known as the "Capital of Joy," Salvador is an alluring destination for travelers globally. An intoxicating and vibrant place to be, the city is muchly acclaimed for its Afro-Brazilian culture and vibrant arts scene. A quaint town with cobbled streets, historical sites, and equally exciting museums, the beauty of Salvador remains unparalleled. With your Brazil sticker visa, backpedal in time and dip in the delightful array of 17th and 18th-century colonial architecture. Blessed with tranquillity, Salvador will indeed take over your senses.

Types of Visa

One can apply for Brazil Visa for tourism through Insta Global Visa.

1. Business visa
2. Tourist visa
3. Family Visit visa

All the above visas allow visitors to enter or exit the country once.

The visa and stay validity of each visa type depends on the embassy or the immigration.

The applicants can also apply for Brazil visit visas at Insta Global Visa. Also, other nationals can reach our chat support team to learn about the Brazil e-visa.

(Before you apply for a Brazil visa, ensure that you have Travel Insurance as mandated by the government. You can avail of this service through Insta Global Visa)

Note: The processing time for Business and Tourist sticker visas is 15 days. A family sticker visa may take up to 30 days to get processed.

Requirements for Brazil visa online

Following are some of the documents required for visa application: -

  • Copy of the passport with a minimum of six months' validity
  • Two recently taken photographs.
  • Round trip reservation or Travel Itinerary.
  • Accommodation Proof
  • Travel Insurance
  • Bank statement for the last six months
  • Proof of Occupation
  • Covid Vaccination Certificate
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Brazil Visa Rules
Those wishing to apply for a Brazil Sticker visa must check the following visa rules before applying:
  1. The documents required for each applicant are based on the nationality and type of the visa chosen.
  2. The applicant's passport must have at least two of the blank visa pages available.
  3. The applicants must submit any additional documentation that the Consular staff asks for.
  4. The documents submitted must be apostilled or legalized by the Brazilian embassy in the applicant's origin country before submission.
  5. The visa photo submitted must be 4cm x 5cm or 2inches x 2 inches.
  6. The photo must be taken within the last six months.
  7. The photograph must be taken in front of a white and plain background. The applicant must avoid wearing thick rims in the pictures.
  8. Wearing headgears apart from the religious purpose in the picture is prohibited. In any case, the headgear should not cover the applicant's face.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can we help you? You can browse what you looking for.

Yes, Brazil is one of the safest tourist destinations in the world.

You can apply for a Brazil tourist visa to meet your visit purpose.

Yes. As per the value and localization of the property, a residence permit can be applied for purchases.

No, a tourist is not allowed to work on a tourist visa in Brazil.

The processing time for the sticker visa of Brazil is dependent on the type of visa chosen.

Brazil Visa Covid-19 Update
Before applying for a Brazil visa, the applicants need to understand the following rules:
  1. The travelers must ensure that they are updated with the COVID-19 vaccines before traveling to Brazil.
  2. Follow all airline requirements of transportation operators, including the destination country.
  3. Anyone aged two years or older must wear a well-fitting mask or respirator in indoor areas of public transportation.
  4. Travelers who have recovered from Covid-19 within the past 90 days are advised not to travel to Brazil.

Traveling and applying for a Brazil Sticker visa is an easy and a relaxing experience with Insta Global Visa. Having catered to the needs of innumerable visa applicants from different nationalities, we understand your queries and concerns for the same. Learn and apply for your Brazil visa online by reaching us through 24x7 chat options or email us at