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Benin fames owing to its natural beauty in green and blue. The bird breeds conserved in the national parks satiate visitors’ urge for nature & animal lovers. It is affordable and it is easy to apply for a Benin visa.
Benin visit e-visas applications are in millions and many are still in the process

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Travel Guide

The French lingual West African country, Benin, officially termed the Republic of Benin, is a beautiful natural greens and wildlife tourist destination.

Porto Novo is the capital of Benin and regulates major economic activities; Cotonou is the largest city. To its east is Nigeria and Togo at the western side. Bight of Benin bays in the South, while Niger and Burkina Faso at the northern side.

Benin is 90% grassland, spread densely with sacred forests that ancient lock secrets of West Africa. Visitors who like visiting places of ancient significance apply for a Benin visa online.

Wildlife lovers and global tourists visit Benin annually to gape at the scenic greens and Africa's wildlife enclosure. It has a fascinating historical culture, and ancient rituals followed ardently by the locals. The geographical interface of Benin splits in two, forest area and agricultural land.

The 2007 Council of Private Investors report segregated Benin into eight agricultural zones per crop cultivation. The currency used in the eight independent states is the West African CFA franc, and Benin is one among them.

The northwest part of Benin has rich wildlife having tourist-attractive national parks, including lagoons and swamps along the Atlantic coastline.

World tourists head to Benin owing to its exceptional natural and created landscapes like beaches, national parks, monuments, water sports and other outdoor activities. Benin e-visa application processes throughout the year.

Things to Do in
The West African nation Benin is the ultimate tourist host, serving natural soul-delighting sites that tempt offshore visitors to apply for a Benin visit visa. It is the only travel destination with contrasting scenic features of both beauty and the beast.

Benin's beach site shore beauty, queuing palm trees neat pecked in line. On the other side, it has the lion king fraternity, roaring tigers, and other powerful wild beasts. However, it is a small nation with excellent wildlife, exotic beaches, magnificent beasts, ultimate greeneries, and lovely people.

Bird Watching While Sailing

The 'Venice of Africa' is the name given to the 400 years old Ganvie village, a famous tourist destination that records more applications for Benin visit visas, including Benin sticker visas.

Ganvie means "We Survived", a village in the middle of Lake Nokoue, a popular tourist spot and the best birdwatching destination in Benin. The population of watermen is 30000, the habitants of village Ganvie. Lake Nokoue attracts 10000 visitors annually, and fishing is the primary source of revenue here, in which even the visitors delightedly engage. Tour, Fish, and Fun at Lake Nokoue in Benin.

Tweets and Roars

The 3900 square miles Wildlife National Park of Niger in Benin enlist its beauty in the UNESCO World Site and is an IUCN member (The International Union for Conservation of Nature).

It complexes a large, protected reserve area, and to its adjacent, eastward of bank Niger, lies the Ramsar Wetlands of International Importance, Dallol Bosso. Visitors admire the Birds species of Niger's Wildlife National Park as it is home to varieties of rare bird breeds. It lists as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area. To tour Benin wildlife park, apply for a Benin visa online.

Challenge the Waves

Relax and enjoy the eye-soothing shores of the Atlantic Ocean coastline, the Obama beach in Benin. This West African beach promises revival and refreshment of mood. Visitors love hustle with the shoring waves that fluctuate low and high in intensity as though challenging the swimmers. But be sure to give up when it violently waves. Obama Beach has something extraordinary that attracts families to this lovely beach every year.

Swim, sunbathe, or play sand volleyball the Obama Beach in Benin but make sure you apply for the proper Benin visa to lodge at the beach-facing resort.

Glimpse Past Glory

If old means real gold, then make it to the Benin National Museum applying for your Benin e-visa. The historical events of the Benin empire wall moment the past saga, and visitors also appreciates the ancient artistries sculpted in ivory, brass, and wood.

The museum segregates into three galleries, the artefacts of Benin city museums on the ground floor, known as the Oba Akenzua Gallery; the second-floor antiques, the archaeological remnants of Delta state; and other conditions. The last museum floor displays global artefacts.

Benin Facts and Figures
Benin Facts and Figures
Name : Republic of Benin
Location: West Africa
Time : UTC+1 (WAT)
Capital : Porto-Novo
Major cities : Cotonou, Porto-Novo, Parakou
Language : French, Arabic, English
Area : 114763 square kilometres (44,310 square miles)
Population : 13,754,688
National day : 1st August
Currency : West African CFA Franc
Main Airline: Benin Airlines
International Airports: Cadjehoun Airport
About Benin & My avenues To Exploring Benin.
The West African country Benin lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator. Nigeria, Togo, Burkina Faso, and the Bight of Benin circles Benin. Benin empire is the oldest and most highly developed state in west Africa that depicts the 11th-century historical era.
Benin’s history is the oldest but was a highly skilled state in West Africa. The Guinness Book of Records recognised Benin for its enormous artificial makes before mechanical invention
While the great Benin City Wall which measured four times longer than China's Great Wall sing legends of its own. It was massed with materials 100 times more than what was used in building the Great Pyramid of Cheops.
Benin is marshy, having lakes and lagoons that connect to the ocean. It landscapes natural greeneries and wildlife that lure tourists to apply for Benin visit visas. Benin geographically attributes coastal, low-lying, rivers, mountains, beaches, and other beautiful locations. Timber, limestone, and offshore oil deposits are the natural resources found in Benin.
The climate is humid and hot which rises when the wind directs toward the Sahel via the Savanna region. This dry wind is known as harmattan.
Benin has the vantage of direction extremities that qualifies it as the best touring destination. Cotonou is Benin's economic capital, and Porto Novo is its capital city.
Agriculture, farming, and tourism are the primary revenue resources. Benin is an exporter of cotton and palm oil.
Porto-Novo – Capital City

Benin's capital city Porto-Novo best host visitors who tour to visit sacred places and have a taste for antiques. Tourists love to spend time absorbing the divine peace at the Islamic religious site, the Grand Mosque of Porto-Novo.

The Castle Palais Royal in Benin's capital museums the major life events of the former great king Toffa and his family, which is a must-visit palace and place.

Cathedral Notre Dame de l'Immaculée church mass worldwide visitors owing to its sacred significance.

Cotonou – Largest City

Tourist-savvy asset cum mineral-rich beach of Fidjrossè is in West Cotonou, Benin. It has beach huts that offer refreshments to the beach visitors, and the palm trees shade them in the sunny season. The mesmerising coast, clear blue waters and soft sands adorn awarding enchanting attributes to Fidjrossè Beach, luring global visitors to its shore. Fidjrossè Beach is the best vacation destination, requiring a Benin visitor visa online.


The north-western city of Benin, Natitingou, distances 50 km from the Pendjari National Park and gates international travel enthusiasts who are wildlife passionate.

It has more visitors from December to June, and they find Natitingou the best place to lodge and find food. Moreover, many tourist sites are within 1-2 hours from Natitingou, like the Tanougou Falls and the famous two-storeyed mud castle, Tata Somba. Natitingou has a museum that well preserves documentary remnants depicting the ancient lifestyles of the Somba people in the French colonel building. Women are more attracted to Benin as they are curious to see the making of Shea butter in Natitingou city.


Boukoumbe in Benin is an attractive market, that welcomes global visitors to witness their Tata Somba, a castle-like home. It is popular for its conventional double-storeyed castle alike home of the Dita Mari people. The upper storey is occupied by the families while the ground floor is utilized for the farm animals. Tourists have a different experience visiting Boukoumbe.

Grand-Popo Town

Mono river in Grand-Popo is an approximate stretch of 400-500 km that arises between Benin's border and Sokodé after that, directs southward. Mono River side coasts the green view and the wild beauty of nature. The lonely beach serves as the perfect shore for sunbathing. With the fantastic river view, visitors click photos of different and rare bird species. Mono River in Benin is a place for visitors who like Water stretches, nature's spectacles, and the roars of wildlife beasts.

Types of Visa

Benin Visas for tourists

Like other countries, Benin has its own immigration rules that govern the regulation of visa requirements for visitors. Like work visas, visitor visas are for tourists and short-term visitors who have a limited stay in Benin. Each Benin visitor visa is time and validity specific.

Tourist - eVisa (Single Entry)
Benin 30 days Tourists eVisa allows 30 days stay and visa validity. It enables visitors a one-time entry and exit. The visa processing time is between 72-96 working hours.

Tourist - eVisa (Multiple Entries)
Benin Multiple Entries Visitor e-visa is valid for 30 days from its issue date and permits 30 days to stay. Allow multiple entries to visitors within the allotted 30 days period. It takes around 3-4 days processing time.

Tourist - 90 Days - eVisa (Multiple Entries)
Benin 90 Days visitor visa permits visitors a stay of 90 days. It has 90 visa validity from the date of issuance and the processing time is between 72-96 hours.

Documents Required Benin visa online
  • Benin visitors must have a copy of his/her valid passport which has a validity of 3 months minimum after its expiry date
  • Applicants visiting Benin must have a copy of the Hotel Reservation/booking
  • Benin Traveller must have a copy of his/her onward/return air tickets from Benin
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Shyam Sundar
Benin Visa Rules
All types of Benin electronic visas require the following details:
  1. Passport
  2. Email to receive the documents
  3. Payment options available for visa fee
Frequently Asked Questions
How can we help you? You can browse what you looking for.
  • Wildlife National Parks
    - Pendjari National Park
    - W National Park
  • Beaches
    - Erevan Beach
    - Seme Krake Beach
  • Historical Monuments & Artifacts
    - Oba's Palace
    - Queen Iden's grave
    - Emotan statue

You may opt for 30 Days Benin visit visa (Single Entry) as it has 30 days visa validity and permits 30 days to stay in Benin. Visa approval takes 72-96 working hours if applied on the Insta Global Visa portal.

  • Have travel insurance cover your planned trip to Benin
  • Enquire about the vaccination norms you may need for your trip to Benin at least eight weeks before you leave.
  • Carry sufficient medication calculating your stay in Benin
  • Apply/Renew your European Health Insurance Card if travelling within the EU.
  • Go thoroughly about the specific health risks prevalent in Benin before your flight take-off for Benin.

Benin is one of the best tourist destinations in West Africa, and along with national wildlife park and museums, also it has lovely beaches, and they are –

  • Obama Beach
  • Fidjrosse Beach
  • Station Balnéaire De Grand Popo
  • La Bouche Du Roy
  • Benin 30 days Tourist eVisa (Single Entry)
  • Benin 90 days Tourist - eVisa (Multiple Entries)
  • Benin Tourist - eVisa (Multiple Entries)
Benin Visa Covid-19 Update


  • Covid-19 preventive norms are active in some parts of Benin, and visitors must produce medical proof of vaccination.
  • Visitors may witness movement restrictions in certain parts of Benin, including lockdowns.


Entry & Exit Restrictions

  • Visitors may expect and need to act on sudden imposition of measures owing to

Covid-19 preventive protocols are as follows-

  • Ban on entry to or exit from Benin
  • Quarantine
  • Mandate producing COVID-19 vaccination certificate
  • Reductions/suspensions of international transportation channels
  • Visitors visiting for more than four weeks must produce other vaccination proofs like – Polio.
  • Foreign authorities might not recognise or accept proof of vaccination issued by Canadian provinces and territories. You may need to obtain a translation, a notification, an authentication, or the legalisation of the document.
  • Vaccination proof by the provinces of Canada may not be acceptable. Canadian visitors may need to produce legalised or notarised vaccination documents.
  • Mandate Visa validity of six months for Regular Canadian passport holders.
  • Before Travelling
  • Check transit rules if you have connecting flight/s.
  • Be updated with the latest media information.
  • Double-check with your travel operator about any change in the requirements.
Benin Visa General safety recommendations
  1. Cotonou is Benin's largest port city, providing tourist facilities that may be limited/unavailable in other regions.
  2. Visitors are to exercise utmost caution and refrain from visiting beaches alone.
  3. Visitors must keep away from the coastlines when ocean currents are powerful and drowning instances are on record.

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