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  • Wildlife National Parks
    - Pendjari National Park
    - W National Park
  • Beaches
    - Erevan Beach
    - Seme Krake Beach
  • Historical Monuments & Artifacts
    - Oba's Palace
    - Queen Iden's grave
    - Emotan statue

You may opt for 30 Days Benin visit visa (Single Entry) as it has 30 days visa validity and permits 30 days to stay in Benin. Visa approval takes 72-96 working hours if applied on the Insta Global Visa portal.

  • Have travel insurance cover your planned trip to Benin
  • Enquire about the vaccination norms you may need for your trip to Benin at least eight weeks before you leave.
  • Carry sufficient medication calculating your stay in Benin
  • Apply/Renew your European Health Insurance Card if travelling within the EU.
  • Go thoroughly about the specific health risks prevalent in Benin before your flight take-off for Benin.

Benin is one of the best tourist destinations in West Africa, and along with national wildlife park and museums, also it has lovely beaches, and they are –

  • Obama Beach
  • Fidjrosse Beach
  • Station Balnéaire De Grand Popo
  • La Bouche Du Roy
  • Benin 30 days Tourist eVisa (Single Entry)
  • Benin 90 days Tourist - eVisa (Multiple Entries)
  • Benin Tourist - eVisa (Multiple Entries)