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The culture-rich nation isle Bahrain lies amid Saudi Arabia and Qatar in West Asia on the Persian Gulf. Its expanse with heavenly palm dates and treasures of ancient landscape sites lure global visitors to the Kingdom of Bahrain worldwide.
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The Middle East nation Bahrain is an island that sub-isles 33 natural islands, including created ones. The nation culminates in diverse communities with equal liberal norms and cultures, with no attire severity on women. It emphasises gender equality and respecting the culture and religion of offshore visitors. Bahrain imposes no restrictions on socialising, gathering, and alcohol consumption, which is why visitors apply more for Bahrain e-visa.

Bahrain takes pride in its diverse faith society having mosques, temples, churches, and Jewish synagogues. Inferring data analysis of the 2021 InterNations survey of Expat Insider, Bahrain ranked top in the MENA for feeling at home & finding friends and personal happiness. Manama City boasts about its diversity in the Arabian Gulf. In Bahrain, the city that amalgamates scenic beauty, infusing traditional and present style, is Manama. The sky-shooting infrastructures and the artistic architectural scrapers in Bahrain hint much about the skills of the masses. The 240 meters tall twin towers and World Trade Centre whisper aloud, boasting its economic engagement and development of Bahrain. Though an Islamic nation, Bahrain equipar genders, and communities, laying uniformity in all aspects. It is the best tourist destination, and even you can enjoy it by applying for a Bahrain visit visa online.

Things to Do in
Isle less spoken of now gains eminence. Land of natural and artificial islands, Bahrain Island nation lures global visitors to taste its tourist spots. Its policies on religious equality, at-par gender opportunity, rich culture, and natural assets make it the most preferred nation for tourism. The divine connection, ancient archaeological remnants, and island attributes boost the tourism of Bahrain.
Water Delight

Enjoy the natural water splashing, diving, and swimming holidaying in Bahrain. Feel the comfort ascension through heels-over-head, strolling bare feet ashore. Crashland into the water at the Water Park Kingdom. Experience the aqua comfort. Relax and float cool while boating over the blue, complimenting the rhythmic waves. For amazing feats, apply for a Bahrain visa online.

Holy Arena

Divinity dilutes to last long. Spiritual leisure sites extra satiate the purpose of vacation. Bahrain's divine destination has countless visitors to glimpse the holy arena. Visit the place where the first translation of the Quran into the European language happened. Mosque Beit Al Quran in Hoora, Bahrain, is the divine destination where the holiest Islamic book is displayed. Visit our website for a Bahrain sticker visa.

Isle’s Islands

The third smallest Asian nation, Bahrain, aggregates 33 natural islands in the Persian Gulf. Floating wildlife stuns wildlife enthusiasts holidaying at Hawar Island, while the Eves prefer the shopping malls of Amwaj Island. The white sandy shore of Jarada Island attracts worldwide visitors to beach fun and suntan.

Tree of Life

The 32-foot tall, 400 years old Shajarat-al-Hayat is the famous heavenly Tree of Life, which mysteriously survives and thrives in the barren land of Bahrain. Belief connects it to the Eden Garden of which the holy Quran and Bible scriptures. No visitors leave Bahrain without visiting the divine Tree of Life. Bahrain e-visa is your need to see this sacred tree.

Laos Facts and Figures
Bahrain Facts and Figures
Name : Bahrain (Kingdom of Bahrain)
Location: Middle East - Asia
Time : UTC+3 (AST)
Capital : Manama
Major cities : Manama, Rifa, Muharraq, Hamad Town, others
Language : Arabic, English
Area : 780 square kilometres (300 square miles)
Population : 1,847,576
National day : 16th December
Currency : Bahraini Dinar (BHD)
Main Airline: Gulf Air
International Airports: Bahrain International Airport (BAH)
About Bahrain and My Avenues to explore Bahrain
Bahrain is a West Asian Island nation known officially as the Kingdom of Bahrain. Situated in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is the aggregation of natural and artificial islands that perimeter 83% of the landmass. It joins with the King Fahd Causeway and lies amid the North-East coast of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Bahrain is an Islamic country to adopt Islam early. Bahrain site traces the ancient Dilmun civilisation and is famous for pearl fishery. As per the 2022 (till 24th Dec) census, Bahrain's population stands at 1,847,576, compassing 780 square kilometres (300 square miles) area. Manama is the capital of the third smallest Asia country, Bahrain, after Singapore and Maldives. The prominent Global Financial players have their business setup in Bahrain’s capital, Manama city, and the World Bank recognises Bahrain as a high-income nation. International skills route more towards Bahrain for financial career growth, and that’s why there is a consistent rise in the application for Bahrain e-visa. Bahrain's investment is more in the tourism and banking sectors. The major financial institutions in its capital. Bahrain got recognition as the 'World's Fastest Growing Financial Center' by the City of London's Global Financial Centres Index. It is the den of financial structures. Oil, Tourism and Financial Services are the significant economic booster of Bahrain.
Capital That Seeds Capital - Manama

Manama is Bahrain’s capital and the hub for multinational financial institutions. Apart from the oil business, banking and financial services and Heavy Industries are also the economic participants in Bahrain. Bahrain's retail sector is also an economic-booming business, including small & medium traders. Bahrain’s capital and principal city have the most commercial and government office setups. Manama is Bahrain’s economic regulating city that engages in all the major development affairs of the nation. It also controls road connectivity. Apply for a Bahrain visa online to visit the economy hub of Bahrain.

Durrat Al Bahrain – Architecture Marvel

Bahrain’s amazing resort island city on the southern coast, Durrat Al Bahrain, is an outstanding creation of 15 islands. It is known for its architectural marvel, which resembles beauty. Durrat Al Bahrain is the third largest artificial island in Bahrain after Northern City and Diyar Al Muharraq Islands. It lies 40.5 km south of the capital, Manama. The floral petal design construct, Durrat Al Bahrain, is an excellent place in Bahrain for visitors. It is the fraternity of 14 artificial islands’ tourist destinations that cost $6 billion (USD). It glances like flower petals that red-carpets tourists from across the globe. If you are planning to visit this exotic island, apply for a Bahrain visa online.

Prophetic Kingdom of Bahrain

On earth, Bahrain’s prophetic land apprises the celestial past. It enshrines the genesis of humankind and episodes of the paradise garden, which the holy Quran and Bible mention. Like the heavenly fruit, palm dates, and belief sing about the Tree of Life to descend from Eden to Bahrain at the smoky mountain of Jebel Dukhan. It’s the perfect place to calm your mind and expel the chaotic substance, filling divinity. This sacred place in Bahrain is a must not miss tour destination. You need to apply for a Bahrain visa to visit the heavenly places.

Magnificent Al-Fateh Mosque

Al-Fateh Mosque signatures a Guinness record for its enormous flag measuring 169.5 meters lengthwise and 97.1 meters in width. Bahrain's Al-Fateh Mosque crowns as the largest mosque in the world, spanning an area enclosure of 6,500 square meters and capacitates to accommodate 7000 worshippers. In 2006 and onwards, it became known as Al-Fateh Islamic Center & Al Fateh Grand Mosque, Bahrain's official National Library decks 7000 books. Deck books aged more than a century and popularise as Global Arabic Encyclopaedia. It treasures Prophet Muhammad's manuscript that compiles his teachings. With a Bahrain e-visa, even you can visit this iconic mosque.

Purity Drips at Beit Al Quran

Beit Al Quran is one of the alluring tourist sites in Bahrain that queues global visitors every season. The divine Beit Al Quran treasures a unique collection of holy Qurans, a celestial view a visitor can ever have. Visitors within the vicinity of the Beit Al Quran in Bahrain often have a spiritual gush inside them because holiness echoes here. Beit Al Quran leagues a history of holding Qurans century-wise and is known to account for the first translation of the Quran in the European language. The Beit Al Quran in Bahrain is the only Islamic divine destination, antiquing Qurans of various measures. Consider paying a visit to this holiest place in Bahrain by applying for a Bahrain visa.

Types of Visa

It is helpful and good to have visa awareness to know which visa type meets your need. The following will help you choose the type of Bahrain visa:

Visit Visa - eVisa (Single Entry)
Single Entry regular visit visa permits one-time entry and exit. It has 90 days validity from its issuance date and allows 14 days stay from the entry date in Bahrain.

Visit eVisa (Multiple Entries)
Regular Multiple Entries Visit Visa levies unlimited visits in & out of Bahrain, but within 90 days from its issuance. Allow a stay period of 30 days from the date of entry.

Visit - One Year - eVisa (Multiple Entries)
One-year regular Multiple Entries e-visa mandate usage within 90 days of its approval, else steps re-application & fee payment. Hold validity of one from issuance date and stay of 90 days.

Documents Required
  • Copy of last three month stamped bank statement bearing visitor’s name with a minimum fund balance in currency equal valuing BD 300 or of other comparable currencies equivalent
  • Clear coloured passport copy having six months validity
  • Copy of Return Air Ticket
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“The payment platform of IGV is secure and reliable. Within seconds after paying the visa fee, my mobile beeped payment acknowledgement. It’s my 5’th visa application for the Bahrain visit e-visa on the Insta Global Visa website. Safe and best visa application portal.”
Syed Zaheer
Bahrain Visa Rules

All types of Bahrain visas require the following details:

  1. The visitor must be outside Bahrain while applying for a Bahrain e-visa
  2. Must have a valid passport with six months of visa validity
  3. Must have a valid confirmed return travel ticket
  4. You must be able to support yourself & your dependent/s (if travelling with you) during your visit to Bahrain
  5. You must not violate Bahrain’s security and national welfare during your visit to Bahrain.
  6. Two visa issuances are not allowed in Bahrain. You must exhaust your existing visa before applying for the next one or in case your passport expires.
Frequently Asked Questions
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The baggage dimensions are applicable class-wise.

  • Not more than 32 kg (70 pounds) per visitor and volume not beyond 158 cm/ 62 inches.
  • A visitor from India to Bahrain in economy class is allowed a maximum luggage weight limited to 30 kg for business class.

• 90 days validity Visit e-Visa (Single Entry)
• 90 days validity Visit e-Visa (Multiple Entries)
• One-Year Visit e-Visa (Multiple Entries)

It is within five working days if the applicant furnishes correct and relevant details.

Please send us your details or contact our immigration department if you need an early Bahrain e-visa approval.

You may refer to our official visa application portal to check your eligibility. Look out for your country’s name from the list of eligible nations on our website and confirm your eligibility.

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There most common reasons for Bahrain e-visa rejection are –

  • Bahrain Visa Application Form is incomplete
  • Information fed may be inaccurate

One must diligently fill out the online visa application form to avoid visa rejections.

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