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Travel Guide

A concoction of American, African, European, and other cultures, the Bahamas boasts of being one of the most exciting tourist destinations worldwide. The nation has a distinct culture, which has evolved over generations, giving a colorful essence to people's self-expression. The country's tradition has a vibrancy that has increased over time and taken the present form.

The best time to be present in the Bahamas is between mid-December to mid-April. The weather during this period is fine, and you will come across fewer crowds than in other months. You can use a Bahamas visa to visit the place during the mentioned period and have a perfect getaway.

Locals of the Bahamas have been instrumental in moulding the culture that developed and shaped the country's essence. They encompass three different types of music and dance: Goombay, Rake 'n' Scrape, and Junkanoo. Art remains a vital part of the Bahamian cultural life, giving the country a unique existence. Whatever you wish to look at here, you are bound to be mesmerized.

Enjoy the Bahamian food, mainly centered around local fish, rice, peas, baked goods, and fresh fruits, and fall in love with the nation. All in all, a visit to the land will not let you come out of the spell that the country casts on every beholder. So, get hooked up with the nation's beauty for a lifetime with a Bahamas visit visa.

Things to Do in
From stunning beaches to expansive, vast land, the Bahamas has everything for everyone. From bustling marketplaces to offering some of the most entertaining activities, the place is a bundle of explorative opportunities. Get immersed in these trendy and exhilarating activities hugely loved in the nation.
An unusual dive

Ever imagined swimming with the pigs? Do it in the Bahamas! Yes, the country offers places where you can do so. Head towards Pig Beach in the Exumas and relish the activity. Day trips are conducted from Nassau to Exuma via high-speed boat. Bahamas e-visa will let you enjoy the unusual activity that also includes visiting rock iguanas and innocent sea turtles.

Wine-Making Tour

Wine-making tour? Sounds exciting? Of course, it is! The winery is located in what was once the oldest church in the Bahamas. The exquisite place allows travelers to weave a lifetime memory by allowing them to make their own glass wine. In the place, you can learn all about the wine-making process, indulge in wine-tasting, and eventually make a sample of your preferred wine.

Scuba Diving

Blessed with endless mesmerizing beaches, the Bahamas is one of the best places in the world for diving. Visit Andros, the largest island in the country that belongs to every traveler's bucket list. You can also head towards Walker's Cay and dive deeper into the quietness of the sea and the hustle of the marine animals that awaits your visit through Bahamas Visa.


An adventure tourist water sport, Parasailing offers a marvelous panorama of the tropical haven. A distinct way to explore the country, the activity will take over your senses. Soar through the sky and above the beautiful waters of the Grand Bahamas that bless the eyes with clear turquoise water. Witness the nation at its best and get hooked for life with parasailing.

Bahamas Facts and Figures
Bahamas Facts and Figures
Name: Commonwealth of the Bahamas
Location: West Indies
Time: UTC-5 (EST)
Capital: Nassau
Major cities: Nassau, Freeport, West End
Language: English, Bahamian English
Area: 13,878 km2
Population: 400,516
National Day: 10th July
Currency: Bahamian Dollar (BSD), United States Dollar (USD)
Main Airline: Bahamas Air
International Airport: Lynden Pindling International Airport
About the Bahamas and My Avenues to Exploring Bahamas

The Bahamas is nestled within the Lucayan Archipelago of the West Indies in the Atlantic. It has a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, closely following the political and legal tradition of those of England and the Westminster system. To know the land exquisitely, you can avail of your preferred Bahamas visa and immerse yourself in the place's beauty. In terms of GDP, the country boasts of being one of the wealthiest nations in the Americas. Tourism plays a significant role in the land's economic activity, contributing about 50% of the Bahamian GDP. The climate in the nation is primarily tropical savannah with a hot and wet season and a warm and dry season. The place mostly experiences a winterless climate. Be a part of the land's most loved places by availing yourself of the Bahamas visa online facility.


The very capital and the largest town of the Bahamas, Nassau, lies on the island of New Providence. A famed cruise-ship stop, the city, possesses a hilly landscape and is known for its pristine beaches. It also has impressive offshore coral reefs, famous for diving and snorkeling. A day in the city is a bounty of water adventures, British colonial architecture, and splendid museums that are captivating. Cap the day off with the town's lunch of conch fritters, the national dish of the Bahamas.


The main city of the Grand Bahama, Freeport, is an island in the northwest Bahamas off the Florida coast. The town is famous for its Lucaya district, a hotspot for beaches and shopping. Once here, visit the Deadman's Reef, popular for snorkeling. You can enjoy the untouched beauty of Freeport by availing of the Bahamas visa facility. The place best serves the outdoor buffs' interests, offering them phenomenal options. No matter your interests, the place will never disappoint you or your loved ones.

West End

The westernmost settlement on the Bahamian island of Grand Bahama, West End, is the oldest town in the country. Also known as the "Settlement Point," the land is the third-largest settlement in the Bahamas. Whether you're inclined towards visiting local sights or wish to experience more of a thrilling activity, the place will not let you feel bored. Feel relaxed by visiting the city's beaches and witnessing the rich flora and fauna that any the travellers must not miss while in the country.

Alice Town

Located on the North Bimini Island, Alice Town is the center of the tourist trade on Bimini. The city is famous for its famed Bimini Road, alluring beaches, and fishing activities. The Bahamas e-visa will let you enjoy all of these instantly. The town has several places for sunbathing, alongside various eateries that make this place a much-loved tourist spot at all times. Alice Town has several attractions, including Bimini Big Game Resort and Marina, Dolphin House Museum, and Radio beach, amongst others.

Marsh Harbor

A town in Abaco Islands, Marsh Harbor is all about winning your hearts. A commercial center, the place possesses two International Airports. Defined by its pristine beaches, the place offers the best to travelers. The vibrant downtown area provides all the explorative opportunities that should not be overlooked. With a growing number of shops, cafes, and resorts, the city exuberates a sheen, unique to itself. Granting a scenic beauty and an island view, Marsh Harbour will surely get etched in your memories of the Bahamas.

Types of Visa

Learning about a nation with numerous explorative opportunities requires a visa from a competent authority. As such, one can apply for a Bahamas Visa for different purposes through Insta Global Visa.

The country provides single-entry: -

  • Business Sticker Visa
  • Family Visit Sticker Visa
  • Tourist Sticker Visa

Apart from these, the Bahamas also offers the following e-visas: -

  • Visitor Visa (Single-Entry)
  • Visitor Visa (Multiple Entries)

All the visa types allow travelers to enter or exit the Bahamas once in case of single-entry visas and frequently in case of multiple-entry travel permits. The visitor can acquire any of these visas as per their nationality. Whether visiting the Bahamas is on your travel itinerary or you wish to be a part of their vibrant culture, the visa can help you fulfill your purpose. Each visa type's visa and stay validity depends on the embassy or the immigration.

The applicants can also apply for Bahamas visit visas at Insta Global Visa. Also, other nationals can contact our chat support team to learn about the Bahamas sticker visa.

Requirements for Visa for Bahamas

Mentioned below are some of the documents required for your visa application: -

  • A clear copy of a valid passport with at least six months' validity is mandatory.
  • A clear front-facing photograph of the applicant is necessary
  • Travel insurance with a covid-19 coverage is required

Before applying for a Bahamas visa, ensure that you have Travel Insurance with a covid-19 coverage as mandated by the concerned authority. You can avail of the mentioned service through Insta Global Visa..

Note: The processing time for Bahamas e-visa is between 7 to 10 working days, whereas the sticker visa's processing time depends on the embassy or the immigration.

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Bahamas Visa Rules

Those wishing to apply for a Bahamas Sticker visa must check the following visa rules as stated by the competent authority: -

  1. The applicant must re-check all the information given in the application before the final submission of the application.
  2. The traveler must remember that the visa requirements will change per the country of citizenship and residency.
  3. If a person is born in one nation but has a residency in another country, the document required would be based upon the land of their birth.
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Your passport must be valid for at least six months to travel to the Bahamas.
Bahamas Visa Covid-19 Update

Before applying for a Bahamas visa, the applicants need to understand the following rules: -

  1. Ensure that you are updated with the Covid-19 vaccines before traveling.
  2. The visitor must follow all airline requirements of transportation operators and any destination requirement, including mask-wearing.

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