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Your Antigua holidays can be exceptionally great with a quick and easy online visa process. The country harbours sailing adventures adding zing to your escapes. Visitors enjoy several benefits with IGV to apply for an Antigua Barbuda Visa.

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Travel Guide

The frame of the culture of Antigua and Barbuda is coloured with African influences, British history of colonialism and modernity. As a stranger on the land, you will be bombarded with cultural fusion, festivals, diverse cuisines, architecture, religious beliefs, music, and passion for sports. Carnivals in Antigua are beyond festival vibes. Visitors enter the land that celebrates life to the fullest. Beaches here are just the beginning of your journey.

The two sister islands, Antigua and Barbuda are promising beyond imagination. We highly recommend you sample visits to museums and interpretation centres to connect with the locals better. The communities of Antigua and Barbuda are vibrant and highly energetic. An Antigua visit visa is all you need to discover the natural secrets wrapped in this land. One can enjoy short hikes to unfold mystical attractions on these islands.

One would meet many fortifications dotted across the coastal lines of Antigua and Barbuda. Live and get awe-struck by the massive architecture then fashioned to protect the land and its people. The islands today harbour immense sailing events, competitions, and activities for visitors. The land gives brow-raising moments when you greet UNESCO-stamped sites. Antigua and Barbuda are the most guarded islands of the Caribbeans.

Travellers can enjoy tourism on this land by grabbing tours like educational tours, cultural tours, festival tours and excursions. Antigua is blessed with natural geological formations. The vistas are unusual and a treat to your lenses. Limestone rocks, glow caves, underwater waterfalls and rare reefs are some of the stunning glimpses that Barbuda promises to its visitors. The Frigate Bird Sanctuary and those head-turning waterfalls gain the tourism spotlight in Barbuda.

Things to Do in
The sister islands of Antigua and Barbuda are highly promising when it comes to engaging criteria. The land never lets you down for it carries a natural platter of scenic bliss, exciting activities, fort and castle exploration and exotic cuisines. The land carries a vibrant and energetic personality, ensuring your visit is no short of a celebration.
Sail the waters

The topmost activity that the sister islands offer is sailing. Many local tour operators train and give you the experience of the thrill on the waters. Harbours and ports are all docked up with many sailboats for visitors. Snorkel in the underwater cities of the Barbuda waters. The waters of Antigua and Barbuda are loaded with stingrays and other unique species of the aqua world.

Road Trips

The top things to do in Antigua and Barbuda are to rent a car and simply get lost. The tiny island is loaded with beautiful spots that you would love to admire after short halts. Barbuda beaches are an amazing sight to behold while you are on a road trip. On second thoughts, hiring a taxi can be equally endearing to explore the natural vibes of the island.

Beach Time

If in Barbuda or Antigua, beach time is any time. The sparkling shorelines and the soft white sands engulf you into a warm and cosy nest, making the vistas and experiences intriguing. Your panoramic view will be open, wide and less crowdy. Half Moon Bay Beach is loved and admired around the world.

Natural Magic

The Devil’s Bridge is one place on the isle of Antigua where you can witness natural magic in the pen. Sunrises turn all the rock formations golden while the turquoise waters add charm to the vistas of the attraction. Visitors love to walk to the bridge and capture rare views like none on earth. Meet the inhabitants of the rocks and the oceans at this place soaking in the sun.

Antigua & Barbuda Facts and Figures
Antigua & Barbuda Facts and Figures
Name: Antigua & Barbuda
Location: North America
Time: UTC-6 (CST)
Capital: Saint John’s
Major Cities: Saint John’s, All Saints, Liberta, Bolans
Language: English, Spanish
Area: 441.6 square kilometres (170.5 square miles)
Population: 99,800
National Day: 1st November
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar
Main Airline: ABM Air, Caribbean Airlines
International Airports: V.C. Bird International Airport
About Antigua & My avenues To Exploring Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda are a sovereign land that sits in conjunction with the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The country consists of two sister islands, Antigua and Barbuda. Saint Johns is the main city port and capital of the country. Antigua and Barbuda is an active member of the Common Wealth and is a constitutional monarchy under the Head of the State, Charles III. The economic dependence of the country is largely on tourism. 80% of the country’s GDP comprises the tourism sector in the land. The country offers citizenship by the way of investment. Natural ecosystems, water resources and habitats flourish here making it one of the perfect lands for species of flora and fauna. Most of the population follows Christianity. So you will find many cathedrals and churches dotted on the islands.

Saint Johns

Hailing as the capital city of the country, Saint John’s is an important port and a commercial hub for Antigua and Barbuda. The city is famed for its dramatic characteristics like vibrant nightlife, exotic cuisines, fine dining, night clubs and multiple cultures. You will meet boutiques luring amazing art and craft samples. A host of military heritage sites as old as the 17th-century forts stand strong to guard your welcome. Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium gram eyeballs worldwide. Apply for an online Antigua visa to unleash your inner explorer.


The city is a huge sports lover and attracts thousands of basketball, football, cricket, and volleyball fans worldwide. The city was once a slave hub and has taken loads of courage and persistence to extract the healed spirit of life out of it. Many sports clubs continue to pave successful sports careers for various players. The city is mounted with numerous cathedrals and churches that shape the personality of the local population. The quaint town of Liberta is an upcoming place for many tourist attractions and things to do in Antigua and Barbuda.

Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour

The harbours are natural in nature and complement each other well. You will find luxury nests here where locals love to stay in sheer opulence by the bay. Discover fine dining hammocks in the lap of luxury here. Shopping complexes and cafes sit here with a cosy and intriguing ambience. Sailing activities are personalised here and cruise options are beyond just impressing you. Enjoy arcades of vibrant cultural stalls and outlets offering insight into the heritage of the local communities.

Dickenson Bay

One of the cities that offers both fun and adventure to first-time travellers and repeat enthusiasts is Dickenson Bay. The city is quite busy and happening in the wee hours of the day. Nights turn into a dazzling fashion show where every being comes out in their mood. If you wish to enjoy the waters, surfing, parasailing, jet skiing and windsurfing are some of the thrilling things to do. If you wish for an off-water experience, enjoy dinner and drinks by the seaside. Ample choice of resorts, cafes and restaurants gives travellers major vacation goals.

Jolly Harbour

The town is a human-made marina in the Caribbean frame. The city has a lot of features and characteristics to it. Postcard beaches with perfect backdrops impress the locals to fall and rise in love with the beautiful vistas. Fishing fans will find Jolly Harbour attractive. While sailing fans will never want to leave the harbour. Waters near this city are dotted with white sails luring you to take a ride. Many stay options with exceptional services are water-facing giving unique experiences to travellers.

Types of Visa

As a traveller, you need to know which type of visa suits you best according to your needs and preferences. The following will help you choose the type of Antigua visa:

  • Tourist E-visa (Single-Entry)- The permit comes with a validity of 6 months and a valid stay condition of 6 months. The visa processing time is 7 working days. As a traveller, you can make a single entry and exit from Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Tourist E-visa (Multiple-Entry)- The permit comes with a validity of 12 months and a valid stay period of 12 months. The visa processing time is 7 working days. As a traveller, you can make multiple entries to Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Business E-visa (Multiple-Entry)- The permit comes with a validity of 24 months and a valid stay period of 24 months from the date of entry. Visa processing takes around 7 working days. As a traveller, you can make multiple entries to the land of Antigua and Barbuda for business purposes.
Documents Required

While you plan your travel to Antigua and Barbuda, you must have the following documents to apply for an online Antigua visa:

  • Copy of Hotel Reservation
  • Police Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • A clear front-facing photograph of the applicant
  • A clear copy of your valid passport with at least 6 months remaining validity
  • Copy Of Return Air Tickets
  • Current bank statement for the latest 6 months
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Antigua Barbuda Visa Rules
  1. All COVID-19 restrictions are lifted by the government for passengers landing in the country by air.
  2. COVID-19 restrictions are lifted for those passengers who are approaching the waters of Antigua and Barbuda. However, the Antigua Port Authority should be contacted 6 hours before your arrival.
  3. Travellers arriving in Antigua and Barbuda are bound by the protocols laid down by the cruise lines.
  4. Travellers arriving in Antigua and Barbuda are bound by the protocols laid down by the cruise lines.
  5. An applicant can apply for an Electronic Antigua and Barbuda visa to visit the country.
  6. Visitors can visit the country for tourism or business purposes.
  7. Visitors should possess a valid email address, required documents and a valid contact number before applying for an electronic visa for Antigua.
  8. Visitors can make a one-time entry and exit on a single-entry visa. And more than one visit to the country on a multiple-entry visa.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can we help you? You can browse what you looking for.

You can make multiple entries into Antigua and Barbuda on a business visa which can be applied online.

The passport of the applicant must carry a validity of 56 months while applying for an online Antigua visa.

You will initially need to apply for an Antigua and Barbuda visa. This process can be attempted successfully online. You can book your flights to the country as the V.C. International Airport makes many direct US flights touch down. For more information, visit

The entire landscape of Antigua and Barbuda is a spectacular treat. However, Hal Moon Bay Beach, Nelson’s Dockyard and Shirley Heights are famed for attractive reels and clicks.

Antigua and Barbuda accept Eastern Caribbean Dollars. However, many establishments also accept US dollars.

Traveling and applying for an Antigua Barbuda visa is an easy experience through Insta Global Visa. Having catered to the needs of numerous visa applicants, we understand your queries and concerns for the same. Learn and apply for your Antigua Barbuda visa online by reaching us through 24x7 chat options or by emailing us at Get Going Today!