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Angola Travel Guide

Angola is one of the top countries with high tourism potential. The elemental landscapes provide a huge playground to adventure-seekers and travellers looking for an off-beat escape. The country has a stunning beachline of 1650 km glittering with golden and black sand. A spectacular escape is what you enjoy while you explore the rich culture and traditions. The country is dotted with architecture and cuisine of Portuguese influence due to its colonial past. The emerging national parks of Angola are competitive tourism elements that house unique species of flora and fauna. To visit this intriguing land, apply for an Angola visit visa today!

The cuisine of Angola has influences from Brazil, Italy and Portugal. So while you are on a travel spree, get ready to be bombed by a mixed but traditional taste in the Angolan food. Local restaurants love to serve recipes that are closely woven with the country’s history. Angola is predominantly Christian due to Portugal influence. You get to visit amazingly crafted churches where you can admire the architecture of the past. Local markets are open-air art centres where you witness traditional handicrafts, smith works, locally produced food and lots more items that complete the picture of Angola.

You can enjoy your stay in a variety of options of accommodations in Angola. From budget stays to luxurious nests, Angola is an expert in understanding the states of the visitor. When you opt for an Angola visa online, you can easily secure your stay as well.

The shoreline of the country provides excellent views and strolling options. The shape and classy finish of the corniche win thousands of hearts at a single glance. The pink façade is something to look out for at the Banco Nacional de Angola.

Things to Do in Angola
A destination is well-explored by indulging in activities like the locals. With a magnetic landscape and cordial locals, Angola rolls out brilliant things to do that remain with you for a lifetime.
Monument exploration

Angola is a country where monument exploration is loved the most. May historic realms still narrate the ordeals of the past in colonial museums and modern museums highlighting the country’s memorabilia. Many structures are in their original form to preserve the originality of the creation. You will also encounter museums with modern architecture decorating the skyline of Angola.


Trekking is one such activity that helps travellers uncover hidden geological secrets. Luanda has an umbre platter of sunset oranges across vast and high cliffs. You will come across unique patterns and designs that nature has painted in the landscape of Angola. Trekking is quite a picturesque activity to do in Angola. Do not forget to carry your camera.

Nature safaris

The terrain of Angola is home to some unique species of animals, plants and migratory birds. The Longa river in the south fuels the life thriving in Kisama National Park. Rare species of Baobab trees, grasslands and mangroves are home to abundant species found nowhere else on the planet. Natural safaris are operated by trusted and responsible local operators who are highly professional and knowledgeable.

City Tours

Angola City Tours are for the ones who wish to revel in the core of the culture and tradition of the country. You will encounter tribes, and locals following age-old traditions to maintain their identity and show the world their proud existence. You can visit restaurants where local villagers love to mingle with visitors and share the recipes that have been a part of the country’s identity.

Angola Facts and Figures
Name: Republic of Angola
Location: Southwestern Africa
Time: (GMT +1)
Capital: Luanda
Major cities: Luanda, Huambo, Lobito, N’dalatando
Language: Portuguese
Area: 1,248 sq kms
Population: 3,30,13,000
National Day: 11th November
Currency: Angolan Kwanza
Main Airline: TAAG Angola Airlines E.P.
International Airport: Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport
About Angola and My Avenues to explore Angola

Angola is situated in Southern Africa. It is the seventh largest African country and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, Namibia in the south, and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the north. Angola is a member of the United Nations, African Union, OPEC, Southern African Development Community and the Community of Portuguese Language Community. Angola thrives and flourishes in agriculture and forestry. Angola is well-webbed with transportation systems through railways, waterways and airways. If you wish to uncover the secrets of Angolan culture, opt for a road trip. You will never regret it. Your travel plans to Angola will be amazing with us. Apply for an Angola visa online now and get set to go. Angolan culture is dominated by Portuguese culture, especially the Bantu culture. But the African roots come out bright in Angolan, art, music, literature and dance works.


The capital city of Angola is perched on the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean. Declared the urban, cultural and administrative hub of the country, Luanda has an impressive personality. Luanda is the 3rd most populous Portuguese city in the world. Its thriving business industry and rapid urbanisation have scaled the tourism diaspora in the country. The Saint Micheal Fortress is an iconic 16-century administrative centre. The beachline of Luanda inspires you to sink in the Angolan essence by strolling.


If you are looking for an offbeat vibe, Benguela is your pit stop. The city is a stunner with Portuguese architecture and sparkling coastlines. Locals are pretty friendly and warm enough to guide you through your way. If you enjoy a slow-paced escape, Benguela is the perfect place. Morning horizons are known to be one of a kind. The city of Benguela is an interesting place as it also connects to an international railway. Christmas is a festival celebrated by most travellers here. The place holds amazing Roman churches.


The place is known for its beach resorts, services and exceptional stays. Visitors will find Lobito an incredible surprise in Angola. Most of the coastline is well-facilitated with beach-goers as the place is a sunbather’s favourite place. Lobito also houses some world-class Angolan cuisines. You will find Portuguese flavours here seasoned with love and warmth. Lobito is also a historic city with some colonial buildings. Festivals are vibrant and high on energy here. Delicious pizzas in street setups are something that is unique to this place. Angola visit visa will make your holiday to this unique destination possible.


Huambo is a traditional hub of Angola. It has been an active city in the early independent movements of Angola. Huambo has been the centre for various kingdoms that once harboured this place. The best way to get around this place is on road. You can also hire a taxi or a bike. You will find many government buildings operational here. The Huyambo Central Park is a beautifully manicured huge park with amazing water fountains. The place is known to attract many bird-gazers and ones seeking a peaceful experience.


Lubango is the most picturesque place in Angola. The place has a pleasant temperature which makes it a highly touristy place. Visitors can binge on meat and cheese which is a staple to every variety of Angolan cuisine. Trek your way to Mount Serra de Leba and capture snaky road views that make their way to connect the two cities- Lubango and Namibe. You will also witness a spectacular lush green gap between the mountains named Fenda da Tundavala. Take a pause here before you set to your next quest.

Types of Angola Visa

Applicants seeking to visit Angola need to apply for a visa. Angola e-visa comes with single and multiple-entry features. You can apply for the following visa types:

  • 30 days Angola Visa (Single-Entry)- The permit allows a visitor to enjoy a stay of 30 days from entry into the country. The visa features a validity of 60 days and comes with a single-entry feature. Visa processing time spans from 24-48 working hours.
  • 30 days Angola Visa (Multiple-Entry)- The permit allows a visitor to enjoy a stay of 30 days from entry into the country. The visa features a validity of 60 days and comes with a multiple-entry feature. This means you can plan multiple trips to Angola. Visa processing time spans from 24-48 working hours.

If your nationality is ineligible for the Angola e-visa, you can apply for an Angola sticker visa.

Requirements for Visa for Angola

Angola is a promising gem in Southwestern Africa. The land is full of facts and interesting activities to do that fuel an amazing holiday. When you apply for an Angola visa, you need to possess the following:

  • A passport valid for 6 months
  • A passport-sized clear photograph
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Angola Visa Rules

Angola visit visa fuels a traveller to have an amazing vacation in the country.

  1. Angola e-visa is an electronic visa that is generated online. The applicant must carry a copy of the visa while travelling to Angola.
  2. The Angola tourist visa permits the visitor to visit Angola for tourism and other purposes.
  3. Angola Tourist visa should be used within 60 days of the issue date, failing which the applicant must apply for a new visa.
  4. The tourist visa for Angola does not allow the applicant to establish residence in the country.
  5. The multiple-entry Angola evisa allows the visitor to make several trips to the country within a period of 30 days.
  6. All required documents submitted must be clearly scanned and attached.
Frequently Asked Questions
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You could be charged a fine or imprisonment as overstaying in Angola is a punishable offence.
If you apply for an Angola visa for 30 days with a multiple-entry feature, you can visit the country more than once.
You only need to possess the required documents for an online visa for Angola. In some cases, the Immigration Department seeks further documentation for verification.
For an Angola online visa, you need a valid passport which should at least be valid for more than 6 months after your date of arrival and recent photographs. If you apply online mode with us, you need not visit the embassy.
A traveller can stay for up to 30 days on a 30 days Angola visitor visa. The permit comes with both single and multiple-entry features. You can opt for any one according to your preference.
Angola Visa Covid-19 Update

Before applying for a Angola Visa, the applicants need to understand the following rules: -

  1. The travelers are requested to be updated with the COVID-19 vaccines before traveling to Angola.
  2. Anyone two years or older must wear a well-fitting mask in indoor public spaces.

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